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Course Numbersort icon Course Name Instructor
ANT 450 History of Anthropological Theory
ARH 206 Artist in Film Moench, Deirdre M
ARH 303 Medieval Art Olson, Vibeke
ARH 307 19th Century Art Kirschke, Amy
ARH 308 20th Century Art - Art to 1960 Kirschke, Amy
ARH 320 African Art Kirschke, Amy
ARH 476 Senior Capstone Seminar Art and Beauty Olson, Vibeke
ARH 495 Art of the Book Olson, Vibeke
ART 476 Senior Exhibit Seminar
Toll, Pam
Steele, Andi
ART 495 Seminar: Victorian Art Kemille Moore
BIO 201 (HONORS) Principles of Biology: Cells Stapleton, Ann
BIO 366 Ecology
BIO 458 Fisheries Biology
BIO 495 Biology of the Brain
BIO 495 Coral Reefs
BIO 495 100 Years of Discovery: Biomedical Breakthroughs of the 20th Century Frampton, Arthur
COM 110 Public Speaking
CRM 495 Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Darrell Irwin
EBD 482 Global Entrepreneurship Galbraith
ECN 377 Applied Economic Analysis
ECN 422 Econometrics Hall
EDL 555 Legal issues in Higher Education Andrew Ryder
ENG 200/201 Tutorials for ENG 200/201
ENG 210 Mythology Sumerel, Ashley
ENG 380/ENG 381 Children's and Young Adult Literature
EVS 495 Seminar in Environmental Studies
FIN/MKT 495 Prague Consulting Projects Spencer and Compton
FNA 101 Cultures of the World Through Music and Dance
FRH 411 Mediterranean France Barthe, Pascale
FST 205 History of World Cinema
FST 368 Studies in Film Styles and Genres: Disney Films Richardson, Sue
FST 370 Early Cinema Olenina, Ana
FST 376 American Cinema 1927-1960
FST 376 American Cinema 1927-1960 Berliner, Todd
FST 377 American Cinema Since 1961 Berliner, Todd
FST 379 Studies in Film History: The African American Experience Richardson, Sue
FST 385 Japanese Cinema
FST 389 Contemporary Latin American Cinema Johnson, Mariana
FST 480 Latin American and Caribbean Cinema
FST 496 The Cinematic Mind
FST 496 New Wave Cinemas
FST 496 Deviance on Screen richardson, sue
GLS 535 Historical Geography of Food Hines, Elizabeth
GLS 592 Writing Biography Bliss, Michelle
GLY 172 Historical Geology
HST 105 United States History to 1865
Lamberton, Christine
Watson, Alan
Shefsiek, Kenneth
Harris, Glen
Hart, Thomas
La Vere, David
HST 106 United States History from 1865 to the Present
Fain, William
Gisolfi, Monica
Hassett, Matthew
Harris, Glen
HST 290 The First World War McCaffray, Susan
HST 290 Tourism in U.S. History Gordon, Tammy
HST 290 Practice of History: Hate Speech McCarthy, William
HST 290 Practice of History: Race in American Society Harris, Glen
HST 290 Americans & the Natural World (U.S. Environmental History) Gisolfi, Monica
HST 306 Ancient Greece & Rome Larry Usilton
HST 319 History of Spain McCarthy, William
HST 408/548 The Black Death and 14th Century England Usilton, Larry
HST 440 Civil Liberties in the United States Bredbenner, Candice
HST 440 "Unruly Women" in United States History Bredbenner, Candice
HST 446 Modern East Asia Gao Bei
HST 495/595 Global Trade Since 1450 Spaulding, Mark
INT 484 China Encounters the World Gao Bei
MBA 533 Management and Strategy Rodriguez
MGT 352 - International Management International Business and Management Rodriguez
MKT 442 International Marketing Scribner
MKT 443 Marketing Research Design Altobelo
NSG 405 Community Health Nursing Theory Levesque, Pamela
PAR 205 American Philosophy
PAR 235 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Burgh, Theodore
PLS 201 Introduction to Political Science Methods King, Aaron
PLS 332 Politics of Central America and the Caribbean Horan, Jennifer
REC 351 Culture and Tourism
SEC 200 Teaching, School & Global Society Callahan, Cory
SHS 210 Introduction to Science, Humanities and Society
McCarthy, William
Figueroa, Jorge
SOC 346 Sociology of Religion Angela Wadsworth
SOC 460 Sociology of Poverty Jill Waity
SPN 490 Hispanics in North Carolina: Service Learning & Research Boomershine, Amanda
SPN 495/595 Immigration in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPN 550 Teaching College Spanish L.J. Randolph
SWK 435 Social Welfare Policies
SWK 443 Finding Census Data
THR 308 Costume Design
UNI (101, 201) or HON 110 First Year Seminar (First Year Library Survival Guide)