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Adaptive Equipment/Software

There is one Assistive Technology Workstation in Randall Library located on the first floor in the Learning Commons. This station is available for any UNCW student, faculty or staff member wishing to use the equipment and no appointments are needed. The table is motorized for height adjustment.

The following equipment is available at the Assistive Technology Workstation:

  • Big Keys LX Keyboard (available upon request at the Learning Commons Help Desk)
  • JAWS
  • Dragon
  • Kurzweil 3000
  • Microsoft Office
  • Scanner
  • ZoomText
  • Access to iPrint

This computer does not have a floppy (3.5) disk drive. Please save documents to a flash drive, Timmy drive or in your e-mail.


ZoomText is a screen magnification software program that magnifies text from two to sixteen times in full screen and partial screen zoom windows.  Please see the Learning Commons Help Desk for a copy of the user guide.

This is a picture of ZoomText on a computer
This scanner is used in conjunction with the Kurzweil Reader (see below). This is a picture of the scanner in the AT Room

Kurzweil 3000 is also available. This software is used for reading, writing, and learning for students with dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, or other learning difficulties, including physical impairments or language learning needs.

This is a picture of text being read by Kurzweil

There is a Telesensory Aladdin Classic video magnifier (4.5X to 25X). Please see the Learning Commons Help Desk for the user guide.

Utilizing the picture control selector, the Classic can display printed materials in high-contrast black text on a white background or white text on a black background. The white text on black or negative image is ideal for glare reduction. This system also features an extremely large depth of field for viewing three-dimensional objects and a smooth, non-glare reading table which permits reading heavy books.

This is a picture of the video magnifier in the AT Room

There is a wheelchair and a cane available for use in Randall Library. Please ask for these at the Circulation Desk. (Library Staff: The wheelchair is housed in RL 1003)

Library Instruction Room #1039: There is a large keyboard and ZoomText available in the library's instruction room. If you are scheduled to come in for an instruction session, please contact the Coordinator of Instructional Services if you, or one of your students, needs any special assistance: Anne Pemberton (910-962-7810 or pembertona [at] uncw [dot] edu).