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Classification Web provides a web interface for browsing and searching LC Classification (LCC) schedules, LC subject heading (LCSH) lists, LCC and LCSH correlations, LCSH and Dewey Classification correlations, and LCC and Dewey Classification correlations.

Classification Web (Class Web for short) offers the following features:

  • Access to the most up-to-date version of the LCC database. This database is updated by the Library of Congress weekly - with Class Web you will never be using an outdated version of a classification schedule.
  • Browse screens and search screens. Page through a classification schedule or search the schedules by captions, index terms, or even keywords. Do simple searches or complex Boolean searches.
  • Enhanced browser that includes a powerful calculator function. Use this feature to combine table and schedule data and display fully calculated numbers together with their corresponding captions.
  • Hierarchy browser. Browse schedules at any level of the hierarchy from the most general to the most specific.
  • Notes function. Write and save your own notes and hot links at any location in any of the classification schedules.
  • Subject Correlations. Find correspondences between subject headings and classification numbers or vice-versa, as reflected in bibliographic records.
  • Subject Headings. Search the database of Library of Congress subject authority records.