Welcome, recruits, to the Academy of Extraordinary Research! The League of Extraordinary Researchers has developed one last test before you can begin your training--the escape room. You and your team will be locked in our testing chamber, and will face a series of library-related puzzles, tasks, and challenges. Complete them all--and escape the room--within 60 minutes, and we'll welcome you into the Academy. Assuming our nemesis, the Decimator, hasn't interfered somehow..."




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601 S. College Road

Email: Sclippae@uncw.edu


A temporary escape room hosted in Randall Library. Escape rooms are live-action puzzle-solving games, in which small groups work together to solve all the puzzles before time runs out. Our room is designed to refresh knowledge of library tools and resources, and of research skills.

At this time, Dewey Decimated! is only open to current UNCW students.

On this page, in the reserve section, pick a date and time that work for you and register for it! If you want to be in a group with your friends, find an open date and time that works for all of you, and register at the same time. Up to 10 people can play at the same time.

In the Special Collections room in Randall Library, Room 2042 on the second floor. http://library.uncw.edu/floormaps/maps/location/rl2042

Glad you asked! We'll be keeping track of finishing times for every team that plays. The fastest three teams will all win some great prizes, and of course eternal glory.



"One of the more immersive escape room experiences that I have had. It seems as if a lot of work has gone into creating this room. I believe this will be a great way to get Freshman acclimated to the fun environment that UNCW provides. I highly recommend it!"


"A truly challenging and enjoyable experience! I had an amazing time solving all of the puzzles and escaping from the room. I cannot wait to do more of these. 10/10!!!"