Randall Library Home

On the first floor of the library there are over 100 computers, including 16 Macs, for UNCW student staff and faculty use. There are also Dell and Apple laptops available to check-out from TAC, and 6 iPad kiosks around the library for quick browsing. Visitors have 5 designated computers for use. In addition, the TAC has specialized collaboration and video editing computers and software.

Logon with your UNCW email username (without the @uncw.edu) and email password.

Software On Computer

Tealware Software*

  • 7-Zip
  • Adobe
    • Adobe AIR
    • Adobe Digital Editions 2.0
    • AdobeFlash Player 23 ActiveX
    • Adobe Reader XI
  • ArcGIS
    • ArcGIS 10.3.1 for Desktop
  • Audacity 2.0.3
  • Citrix Online Plugin
  • GIMP 2.8.6
  • Google
    • Google Chrome
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 24
  • Java 8
  • JMP Pro 12
  • Microsoft
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1
    • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
    • Microsoft Silverlight
    • Microsoft Visual C++
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Notepad++
  • Pharos
  • Python
    • Python 2.7.5
    • Python 3.4
  • R
  • RStudio
  • Read&Write Gold
  • System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection
  • ArcGIS
    • ArcCatalog
    • ArcGlobe
    • ArcMap
  • Computer Science
    • BlueJ
    • Eclipse
    • JCreator
  • Corel
    • CorelCapture X5
    • CorelCONNECT
    • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 Guidebook
    • CorelDRAW X5 Users Guide
    • CorelDraw X5
    • CorelPHOTO-PAINT X5 User Guide
    • CorelPHOTO-PAINT X5
    • Video Tutorials
  • Maple 15
    • Classic Worksheet Maple 15
    • Maple 15 Calculator
    • Maple 15
  • Maple 16
    • Classic Worksheet Maple 16
    • Command-line Maple 16
    • Maple 16 Calculator
    • Maple 16 Help
    • Maple 16
    • Mint
  • Maple 17
    • Maple 17 Classic
    • Maple 17
  • Mathematics & Statistics
    • Geometers
    • Maple14 Classic
    • Maple14
    • MATLAB 2011b
    • MATLAB2013b
    • R 2_10
  • Microsoft Office 2007
    • Access 2007
    • Excel 2007
    • InfoPath 2007
    • Outlook 2007
    • PowerPoint 2007
    • Project 2007
    • Publisher 2007
    • Word 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2010
    • Access 2010
    • Excel 2010
    • InfoPath 2010
    • OneNote 2010
    • Outlook 2010
    • PowerPoint 2010
    • Publisher 2010
    • Word 2010
  • Operations & System Admin
    • WinScp
  • OUR
    • Outlook 2010 on 3201
  • Rec Ctr
    • RecTrac
  • Server Testing
    • 2301 Fitgram
    • IE 3203
    • IE 3204
    • Maple 16 on 3203
    • Maple 16 on 3204
    • Maple 16 on 3205
    • Maple 16 on 3206
  • SPSS
    • IBM SPSS Statistics 19
    • PASW Statistics 18
  • TimeClockManager
    • TimeClockManager
    • TimeClockScheduler
  • Apple Desktop
  • Blackboard Learn
  • DINEhealth74
  • File Share access
  • FireFox 10
  • Fitnessgram - teacher
  • Internet Explorer
  • InuitProSeries2011
  • JMP
  • JMP10
  • KaleidaGraph
  • MicroSim InHospital
  • ModFlow
  • Notepad
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • Research Insight using Excel
  • research insight
  • Respondus4
  • SAS 92
  • SAS92 with Eventus
  • Simnet Online
  • SQL Management Studio 2008 R2
  • UltraVNC viewer
  • UNCW Desktop - SD
  • UNCW Desktop - VD
  • UNCWmail
  • Win7 CSB Lab - VD

*Depending upon location certain Tealware software may not reflect the software listed.

There are 11 collaboration stations located on the first floor of the Randall Library near the TAC area.  The collaboration stations consist of 6 PCs, 5 Macs, and 3 scanners. They all have Adobe CS6 Design Standard (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat X Pro) and TI-84 Plus Calculator emulator as well as access to SPSS, SAS, and various other software titles through Tealware. There are also 5 video editing stations in the TAC Area. The video editing stations consist of 2 PCs and 1 Mac with dual displays and 2 Macs with single display. All have video conversion equipment and editing software.

Located on the first floor learning commons, and second floor group study rooms are large collaboration monitors. Laptops can be attached to make use of the monitors.  See Group Study Room Descriptions.

Located in the Pelican Gallery is a presentation station equipped with an LCD projector.

Both group study pods near Port City Java are equipped with The Extron TeamWork® 601 (Collaboration station).

You can charge your iPhone, Android, iPad or other tablets at TAC, compliments of UNCW ITS:

  • Charging Kiosk: provides six secure lockers to store your device while it charges so you can go do other things
  • Charging Area: provides four charging stations so you can charge your mobile device while working on your laptop or studying.


  • E-mail will be set up for new students 5 business days after registration.
  • Your student e-mail address is your initials followed by four randomly generated numbers.
  • To find your e-mail address, go to UNCW SeaPort at https://myseaport.uncw.edu/ and follow the steps listed under the log in boxes.
  • This and more IT info for students at http://uncw.edu/itsd/living/


As of June 2-17, TAC discontinued checking out headphones due to maintenance and durability issues. Please see https://uncw.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=11558

Headphones for visitors are secured to the visitor computers; available for use when using the computers.

Laptop computers are available for check out at TAC (located on the first floor of Randall Library). You must provide your student ID to check out a laptop, and you must keep the laptop in the building. They can be checked out for 6 hours. Visit our Computer Availability webpage to see how many laptops are currently available for checkout.

 The following equipment is available to check out at TAC on the first floor of Randall Library:

  • Laptop computers (Dell and Apple) – 6-hour checkout
  • Laptop chargers (Dell and Apple)  –  6-hour checkout

For more information, please see https://uncw.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=11558

Yes, there is a workstation on the first floor of the library, in the Learning Commons. Visit our Adaptive Equipment/Software page to learn more about the equipment/software available.

To access these resources from off-campus, start at the library website and use the links provided on our Find Databases page, or in our Library Catalog.

  • When you select a licensed resource from our website, you will be prompted to log in.
  • To log in, please enter:
    • Your campus username (email address without the @xxxx.edu)
    • Your campus (email) password
    • Click the button for UNC Wilmington
  • Once logged in, you will be automatically transferred to the resource you selected.

For instructions on how to use our microfilm and microfiche machines (located on the second floor in Government Documents) please refer to the How to use the Microfilm ScanPro 2000 and How to use the Minolta Microfilm Machine guides.

Please visit the TAC help page to view their open hours. Equipment checkout is available anytime TAC is open. Hours may vary during finals.


  • Five visitor computers are located on the first floor of the library.
  • Visitors must register for a free account at the Circulation Desk.
  • The session time limit on these computers is one hour, and visitors are limited to a total of two hours daily.
  • Visitors can reserve a computer using the reservation computer located in the visitor computer area.
  • These computers have internet access and MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access software. There is no other software available on these computers.

Visitor computer users can save materials either by emailing to your personal email account (ex. Yahoo, Gmail...) or by saving to a CD ROM or a flash drive (you will need to bring your own).  Visitor computers are not equipped with floppy or zip drives and do not allow downloading software.

Yes. Just select “seahawkguest” from your wireless connections on your laptop.

The Extron System is available in the 2 group study pods on the first floor (go here to reserve a pod). To use the system:

  • Plug an available HDMI or VGA cable into a laptop or other mobile device.
  • To select a device for display, press the selection button on the cable. Wait several seconds for the display to activate. One device at a time can be selected for display.
  • To switch between devices, just press the selection button on the cable for the desired device. Wait several seconds for the display to change.
  • When finished, just unplug the display cables from the devices.
  • Photocopiers are located on the first floor of the library in the Learning Commons.
  • There is one coin operated copier located on the yellow wall in the Learning Commons ($0.10 a copy).
  • All other copiers require a UNCW One Card or visitor card. They can be found in the Learning Commons.
  • Copying charges are .15 per page (coin copier), .10 per page (visitor card) and .08 when the UNCW One Card is used.
  • You may deposit money to your card in the library at the Value Transfer Station.  UNCW patrons can add money to their UNCW One Card online and can use iPrint money for photocopying.
  • One Minolta Microform copier ($0.10 a copy) and Two Digital Microform Machines connect to iPrint are located on the second floor near Government Documents.
  • High-volume copying (as opposed to smaller printing needs) may also be done the iPrint Business Center, located in the back of Randall (near TAC), for B&W 1-2 pages $0.27 per side, 3+ pages $0.10 per side; Color $0.45 per side.
  • You can make color photocopies using the iPrint copiers on the first floor of the library. Two copiers are located in the Learning Commons.
  • These copiers require a UNCW One Card, but visitors can make color copies using the visitor copier/printer with their visitor printing card.
  • Copying charges for a color photocopy is .40 per page for UNCW One Card users, and .50 per page for visitors.
  • You may deposit money to your card at the library at the Value Transfer Station. UNCW patrons can also add money to their UNCW One Card online: https://uncwonecard-sp.blackboard.com/eAccounts/AnonymousHome.aspx
  • Color copying is available at the iPrint Business Center, in the back of Randall (near TAC), for .24 per page.

You can add money to your Seahawk Buck account on your OneCard at the "Value Transfer Station" machine near Circulation in the library or online at uncwonecard-sp.blackboard.com/eAccounts/. During business hours, Auxiliary Services can also add accept money to be added to your account.


Copying charges are $.15 per page at the coin copier and $.10 when the visitor card is used.  UNCW students can use their iPrint money to make copies for $.08 per page.

You can print from any computer in the library through the campus iPrint system and pick up your print job from any iPrint printer on campus. For detailed instructions, please visit UNCW's How do I use iPrint page.


You can install the iPrint drivers on to your personal computer and then choose "iPrint" as your printer. To download the drivers and for more information please visit UNCW's How do I Use iPrint webpage.

  • Visitors must purchase a copy/print card for $1.00 at the value transfer station near the Circulation Desk.  
  • Visitors must also add money to the card before using the Visitor iPrint station.
  • Printing costs are $.15 per page (b&w), $.50 per page (color) 
  • The print station is located next to the visitor computer area.
  • Instructions on printing are available at each visitor workstation.
  • Color printing is available from all iPrint stations. You may choose to print in color from any of the library’s computers, including those for visitors. 
  • When sending the print job, select the COLOR print driver (the default is the B&W driver).
  • Pick up your print job
  • Color copies cost .40 cents/page for Students, Staff & Faculty.
  • Visitor printing costs are .50 cents/page for color.


To print a document from Blackboard, you must save the document to the desktop and then open it and print it from there. 


You can add money to your Seahawk Buck account on your OneCard at the "Value Transfer Station" machine near Circulation in the library or online at uncwonecard-sp.blackboard.com/eAccounts/. During business hours, Auxiliary Services can also add accept money to be added to your account.


Option A: You can purchase a visitor print card for $1.00 (plus at least $1 deposit for printing) at the Value Transfer Station located on the first floor of the library (near the Circulation Desk). Print jobs must be sent to the visitor printer.   Color prints are $.50, and b&w are $.15. The Visitor printer only prints double-sided. In order to change this setting you must go into MS Word and select: print properties – binding – print type – single sided.
Option B: You can save your work to the Timmy drive.

Option C: Students, Faculty and Staff can check-out flash drives at TAC to save their work for later printing.

Option D: Email yourself the documents for later retrieval.
Option E: Print jobs remain in the iPrint queue for 24 hours. You can pick up job from any iPrint on campus once you have retrieved your UNCW ID card.
Option F: Go to the iPrint Business Center in the back of Randall (near TAC) where you can pay with cash, check, or Seahawk Bucks to print or copy.  Color prints are $.24, and b&w prints are $.05.

There are 13 iPrint stations located in Randall Library.  On the first floor there are 7 student iPrint stations located in the Learning Commons as well as 1 next to Port City Java Coffee Bar (all identified with an iPrint banner). There are 2 copiers which can be used with iPrint; they can also be found in the Learning Commons. There is also a visitor iPrint station located near the visitor computers. On the second floor, you can find an iPrint station outside of Special Collections and one in the Graduate Computer Lab. Please see the Randall Library floor maps for locations of these areas.

Printing for students:

Black and White = $.08 per page

Color = $.40 per page

Printing for visitors:

Black and White = $.15 per page

Color = $.50 per page


There are 4 scanners in the Learning Commons, and additional scanners by the TAC, freely available for student, faculty, and staff use. These scanners are each connected to computers allowing you to save, print and edit your scans. View map of computers and equipment

There is also a “quick scan” computer station located by the bank of iPrint printers on the first floor.