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Kathryn Bateman
Elizabeth Bernardo
Henry Blanton
Letriece Calhoun
Mary Childers
Madeline Deming
Claire Demorest
Alexandra Doria

Libby Hannon
Christopher Hathaway
Sarah Howard
Parker Jones
Jamie Joyner
Brian Keehn
Brittney Knotts
Casey Milliken

John Osborne
Storm Pilloff
Caylee Reid
Roxy Simons
Melissa Stone
Sam Taylor
JoAnna Wright

Wentworth 2014, Kathryn BatemanKathryn Bateman - Argentina

Kathryn is a second year graduate student in the English Master’s program here at UNCW.  She also serves as a teaching assistant in the English department teaching two composition courses.  Originally hailing from Perkasie, Pennsylvania, she traveled west to do her undergraduate work at The University of San Diego.  She has research interests in both Film and Women’s Studies, and next year, she hopes to continue her studies at The University of Cincinnati’s English PhD program.

More info about Kathryn's travel: An Unforeseen Passion


Wenworth 2014 Liz BernardoElizabeth Areopagita Bernardo - London and Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Elizabeth "Liz" Bernardo is a junior English and Theatre Performance double major at UNCW with a minor in Spanish and a part of the UNCW Honors College. For her, all the world's a stage, so she will be traveling to London and Stratford-upon-Avon in England this July using her Wentworth Fellowship! While there, she will be investigating death culture and rituals in Elizabethan England by exploring graveyards, churches, and tombs as well as researching the sexual politics of the era through the countryside of Stratford. She acts and directs in theatre a lot, as well as being an avid reader and writer.

More info about Liz's travel: To Be or Not to Be...


Wentworth 2014, Henry BlantonHenry Philip Blanton - Kyoto, Japan

Henry Philip Blanton is a graduate student of English. Born with jaundice, he grew up in Bakersfield, CA, learned to play go, read Howl innumerable times, played buckets on market street for pocket money and coaxed whale noises from a 1990 Stratocaster for a band based on Rob's red beard. His trip to Kyoto represents a culmination, or fulfillment, of his continuing interest in 11th century Japanese literature, cross-cultural symbolic logic,  and udon.

More info about Henry's travel: Scholar Profile


Wentworth 2014, Letriece CalhounDana Letriece Calhoun - New York City

LeTriece Calhoun is a graduating Senior and has traveled to New York City for both her Wentworth Fellowship and Departmental Honors thesis. Her personal areas of interest within literature are young adult and graphic novels. Aside from researching the queer hip-hop scene, LeTriece is researching minority representation in popular literature. In her spare time she writes books reviews, knits, and watches way too much television.

More info about Letriece's travel: Queen LeTriece


Wentworth 2014 - Mary ChildersMary Childers - Chicago, Illinois

My name is Mary Childers and I am a senior at UNC-Wilmington. I’m from Roanoke, Virginia and a transfer student. I came to UNCW as a junior with absolutely no idea what I wanted to study, because at the time I just wanted to study everything. However, after my first semester I sincerely found my home in the English Department thanks to the help of my amazing advisor, Michelle Britt. I’m an English Major with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Journalism, I’ve worked an internship at Encore Magazine, and I’m a Student Ambassador. Recently, I was given the brilliant opportunity due to the Wentworth Fellowship and Charles Green to study Ernest Hemingway’s early years by traveling to the most beautiful city in the world, Chicago. This experience has changed my life and I feel so thankful to have been able to spend a week learning new things about the writer who inspired me to write in the first place. While in Chicago, I spent time doing archival research, and I traveled to Hemingway’s hometown of Oak Park to experience what his early years were like. I walked the same streets he did, I read essays he wrote as a young adult, I interviewed individuals who have dedicated their lives to remembering him, and most importantly, I was reminded of how beautiful the world is, and how special people are. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to finish my college career.

More info about Mary's travels: Hemingway's Chicago

Wentworth 2014, Madeline DemingMadeline L. Deming - Dublin, Ireland

Maddie Deming is a senior studying creative writing, minoring in English and psychology, with a certificate in publishing. She has been published in Encore, Devour, Atlantis, and Southport Magazine. She is also a member of Alpha Xi Delta. After spending her time abroad, she has decided to accept an au pair position in Melbourne, Australia immediately after graduation this May, where she will continue to explore and write on her own.

More info about Madeline's travel: Madeline Deming


Claire Cambrai Demorest - Paris and Antibes, France

Claire Demorest grew up in Hillsborough, NC, a small town outside of Chapel Hill where she was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the country's greatest contemporary novelists. The daughter of two television writers, she learned to appreciate great characters and stories from a young age, an interest that led her to double-major in English and Film Studies. She has two close sisters, a public relations specialist and a high school junior, both of whom still live near her hometown, allowing her to visit them frequently. After graduation, Claire plans to either pursue her MA in Contemporary Literature or move out to LA to follow in her parents' footsteps and begin a career in writing for television.

More info about Claire's travel: Claire Demorest

Wenworth 2014 Alex DoriaAlexandra Ann Doria - Paris, France

My name is Alex Doria and I am from Apex, North Carolina.  I am a rising senior, class of 2015, and I am an English Major with a concentration in Literary Studies.  I have previously taken my love of literature abroad to London at King’s College London last year, and I spent an amazing semester running to all the landmarks of my favorite authors. Seeing and exploring the places where my literary idols once lived was one of the most invigorating experiences of my life.  Once I returned to Wilmington, I knew I wanted to find another travel opportunity.  The summer after I had returned from London, I read Ernest Hemingway’s memoir about his life in Paris in the 1920s called A Moveable Feast.  When I discovered and researched the Wentworth Fellowship this past fall, I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  Paris is the “City of Lights” but it is also the city where Ernest Hemingway wrote his first novel The Sun Also Rises and met up with F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Ezra Pound, and many others.  I am honored by this opportunity to explore and immerse myself into the Parisian cityscape, and follow the trail of Hemingway and his fellow expatriates.

More info about Alexandra's travel: To Walk in Her Shoes

Libby Hannon - Prague

Libby Hannon is a 2nd year graduate student and teaching assistant in the English Department. For her Wentworth, she will be exploring the influence of Prague as a city where citizens are faced with constant reminders of mortality, and what role these elements play in the short fiction of Franz Kafka.  Besides Kafka, her other research interests include non-canonical Gothic literature, Italian Futurism, and sexuality in horror films.

More info on Libby's travel: Elizabeth Hannon Wentworth Fellowship Profile

Christopher Howard Hathaway - Japan

Christopher is a native Wilmingtonian and a nontraditional student. Several years before enrolling in UNCW he earned an associate’s degree in Marine Technology and an associate’s in applied science from Cape Fear Community College. The marine tech field was not for him, so he took some time to save money, travel, and to explore his interests. He ultimately decided that because of his lifelong love of literature and his passion for the written word he would pursue an undergraduate degree in English with the intention to continue on to the doctoral level. Christopher will be traveling to Japan this summer to explore the cultural context of the works of contemporary author Haruki Murakami thanks to the generous funding awarded him by the Wentworth Student Travel Fellowship.

More info on Christopher's travel: Chris Hathaway's Journey to Japan

Wentworth 2014, Sarah HowardSarah Victoria Howard - Oxford, England

Sarah Howard is a UNCW senior and Sigma Tau Delta member who was granted the opportunity to travel to Oxford, England. Anglophilia aside, Miss Howard also adores the works of C.S Lewis, and was ecstatic to explore his work and home. She would like to thank Dr. Ellerby, Professor Manning, and Mr. Charles Green for their encouragement and support.

More info on Sarah's travel: Wentworth Recipient


Noell Parker Jones - India

Harboring an intense curiosity for the context of the world, Parker Jones concentrates within postcolonial studies spanning from Africa and Southeast Asia to North America. His Wentworth travel will take him to India this August to investigate a major 2002 conflict between Hindus and Muslims via Booker Prize winning author Arundhati Roy’s collection of non-fiction essays titled War Talk. Parker has volunteered as a tutor for the Cape Fear Literacy Council, is a recipient of the Scott-Ellis Merit Scholarship, and current member of Sigma Tau Delta in addition to staff reader and copy editor for UNCW’s graduate interdisciplinary journal Palaver. Parker received his BA in English Literature in 2011 from UNCW and is currently an MA Candidate, expected 2015.

More info on Parker's travel: Parker Jones Wentworth Fellowship Profile

Jamie Lynn Joyner - Costa Rica

Jamie Joyner is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in English Literature at UNCW. She is a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the English department, as well as a CRLA Master Certified Writing Tutor. She is a member of Sigma Tau Delta- International English Honor Society. As an undergraduate, Jamie received the Wentworth Fellowship in order to travel to London to study Mary Wollstonecraft’s influence on modern British society. Her research interests include Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, Kate Chopin, Adrienne Rich, and Helene Cixous. She intends to further her study of the maternal, and its underlying influence within literature. Jamie hopes to further study the use of the mother portrayed as other—the m“other” within modern literature. She recently completed her Wentworth travel to Costa Rica to explore feminine imagery in the Costa Rican setting of Jurassic Park, which has inspired her to search for dinosaurs.

More info on Jamie's travel: Jamie Joyner in the Jurassic

Wentworth 2014, Brian KeehnBrian Keehn - Dubai

Hello, I am a senior here at UNCW and I plan on graduating in the spring of 2014 with a degree in English – Professional Writing and a minor in journalism. I am not exactly sure what I want to do after I graduate, but I have some ideas. I am applying to a couple law schools in North Carolina, such as Penn, Temple, UNC, and Wake Forest, and am also applying for marketing and advertising jobs all across the country. I figure the more I get to experience, the more I will be able to decide what I really want to do in the future. During my short 4-year stay at UNCW, I lifeguarded in Carolina Beach, got my EMT-B certification and my bartender certification, and started (and decided I didn’t like) more majors than I can count on both hands. From film to finance, I have tried it all. I am glad I was given the chance to try all of these different disciples, for if I haven’t, I would never have known that they weren’t for me. That was one of the main influences in my trip out to Dubai. The urge I felt to try different things. I saw an opportunity I likely would never get again in my life, and I took it. I decided to go somewhere out of the norm to a festival with authors from places I would never have a chance to meet again. And it was an absolutely amazing learning experience. There were poetry readings and camels in the desert, a 5 star hotel dinner with various authors and the BBC world correspondent, and even a tour of the city with a group of Pakistani guys. It was all incredibly different. And I think that is what made it such a memorable trip. Of course, I want to thank the English Department and Mr. Green for their amazing contribution that has helped me see a culture unknown to many people in the U.S., including myself. Even though my stay was short, I feel like I can understand an inkling of the Middle Eastern way of life. And with that knowledge, I know that I am a better person for it.

More info on Brian's travel: Brian Keehn

Brittney Knotts - New Orleans, Louisianna

Brittney is in her first year of graduate study in the English department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  Growing up near Wilmington, she not only enjoys the beauty that her hometown has to offer, but also relishes what other communities and places have to offer in terms of beauty and culture.  She enjoys traveling in order to interact with cultures beyond a level of simple tourism, often electing for homestays or other various ways of stepping outside of her comfort zone.  Traveling to Costa Rica, South Korea, and India have allowed her to expand her own mind and knowledge about the world around her in a way many have not had the opportunity to do.  She hopes to continue traveling and teaching in order to help those around her grow as both scholars and citizens of the world.

More info on Brittney's travel: Wentworth Profile - Brittney Knotts

Casey Jordan Milliken - New Zealand

Casey Jordan Milliken is honored to be a two-time Wentworth Fellow. In the summer of 2013, he travelled to Cape Town, South Africa to study J.M. Coetzee. This summer, you can find him in New Zealand, examining how colonization influenced the shift from traditional Maori tattoo practice to a modernized electric approach. He would like to thank Dr. Cara Cilano and Ms. Kimi Faxon-Hemingway for their unending support throughout his academic career. His travels wouldn't be possible without the two.

More info on Casey's travel: Casey Milliken

Wentworth 2014, John OsborneJohn C. Osborne - Taiwan

I am currently a senior English Literary Studies major who will be travelling this Summer to Taiwan in order to study the island's twentieth century poets and their works. To preface my research, I will participate in the month-long UNCW study abroad program in Nanjing, China to study Mandarin. I hope to apply all that I will learn in China and Taiwan to help with my future projects on the region.

More info on John's travel: John Osborne Wentworth Fellowship Profile


Storm Christine Pilloff - Paris, France 

Storm is a first year graduate student who also received her bachelor's from UNCW. She loves Theory and traveled to Paris to investigate its influence on the field of Literary/Critical Theory.

More info on Storm's travel: Storm in Paris

Caylee Reid, Wentworth Scholarship RecipientCaylee Reid - London, England

Caylee Reid grew up behind the piney curtain of East Texas with a love for adventure, writing, and the smell of books. Still chasing those same things, she is currently a senior studying creative writing with a minor in English. For her Wentworth Fellowship, she explored the spirit of Virginia Woolf’s London—tracking down the inspiration behind Woolf’s work. After her graduation from UNC Wilmington, she plans to move to Japan and continue to read, write, and travel. In her spare time, she enjoys Billie Holiday radio, playing with her German Shepherd, and baking red velvet cupcakes.

More info on Caylee's travel: Wentworth Profile - Caylee Reid


Wentworth 2014, Roxy SimonsRoxy Leigh Simons - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

As an English major and journalism minor, I am so honored to be a Wentworth Fellowship recipient. This May, I will travel to Pittsburgh, PA to study Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I am a Study Abroad Ambassador, an Upperman and Honors scholar, and will serve as the 2014-2015 president of Sigma Tau Delta, an English honors society. I am also the journalism/communication intern for the Chancellor's Office of Community Partnerships.

More info on Roxy's travel: Wentworth Profile - Roxy Simmons


Wentworth 2014, Melissa StoneMelissa Marie Stone - Cornish, New Hampshire and New York City

I obtained my Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from UNCW in the Winter of 2008.  After several years in the professional work field I decided it was time to make a life change, so I re-enrolled in UNCW to study English Literature at the undergraduate level.  It is my hope to continue on with my studies in English Literature through a graduate program, perhaps here at UNCW.  I am excited to have received the Wentworth Fellowship as I love to travel and I am eager to learn more about J.D. Salinger.  I chose to focus on J.D. Salinger because of my interest in the young adult genre.  This genre intrigues me because adolescence is such a tumultuous time for everyone, yet many of us forget the lack of agency children and young adults experience.  Good children’s and young adult literature works to empower its readers; it gives a voice to a group that struggles to be understood.  For the first half of my trip I will visit various places around Cornish, New Hampshire, the town where Salinger lived most of his life.  On the second half of my trip I will be in New York City, where I intend to follow Holden Caulfield's (Catcher in the Rye's main character) steps through the city.  I couldn't be more more excited about this opportunity because it is fusing together two of my favorite things- traveling and literature.

More info on Melissa's travel: Melisa Stone Wentworth Fellowship Profile

Wentworth 2014, Sam TaylorSamantha (Sam) Taylor - New Orleans, Louisianna

Sam Taylor is a senior at UNCW double majoring in Political Science and English Literature, expecting to graduate in December 2014.  She has been involved with several organizations on campus, currently serving as President of the campus chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha (National Political Science Honor Society).  She is also involved in her sorority, for which she served on the chapter’s executive board, and Order of Omega Honors Fraternity.  She plans to use her Wentworth Fellowship to travel to New Orleans this summer and study the city’s cultural influences on Kate Chopin.

More info on Sam's travel: Finding Beauty in New Orleans


Wentworth 2014, JoAnna WrightJoAnna Christine Wright - England

JoAnna Wright is a graduate student of UNCW pursuing her Master of Arts in English. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English from UNCW in the Spring of 2012. JoAnna is a member of the International English Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta, for which she served as secretary in 2012. She also served as secretary for the Graduate English Association for UNCW in the 2012-2013 academic year, during which the GEA hosted their annual conference "What Lies Beneath: Subtle Ideologies and Underlying Arguments." JoAnna, like most English graduate students, loves to read and write in her free time despite the fact she cannot remember what free time feels like. She was also born with a reading list that she can only hope to finish but grows longer with every passing day. Her academic interests include British and Post-Colonial Literature, with a concentration in British Victorian Literature.  She is currently a part-time lecturer for Cape Fear Community College.

More info on JoAnna's travel: Wenworth Bio - JoAnna Wright