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First Year Seminar (First Year Library Survival Guide)

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UNI (101, 201) or HON 110

If you are in a UNI/First Year Seminar class, welcome!  This is your guide to Randall Library.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about research or using the library (http://library.uncw.edu/ask).

  • Please take the Randall Library Chapter 16 Quiz BEFORE your library session in Randall Library: Library Chapter Quiz 
    [Note: You can only take this quiz once, so be sure you are prepared to complete it when you begin it.]
  • Looking for the "library assignment" for First Year Seminar?  Be sure to complete it AFTER your class has attended the library session in Randall Library: UNI Library Assignment.

When your First Year Seminar class visits Randall Library for an Information Literacy Session, we will ask you to take a poll:
If you are in RL 1022
If you are in RL 1039

Starting Points

Click here for virtual tour of Randall LibraryClick here for Synergy/Common Reading resourcesClick here to learn about plagiarism from Indiana University

Take a tour of Randall Library to learn about the resources available to in your library.

University College has compiled a variety of resources in support of the Synergy Common Reading. Browse through these resources to find websites, events, articles, information, and more.

Tutorial about plagiarism from Indiana University. Quiz yourself to find out how much you know about plagiarism. When you've finished the test, print out the certificate of completion.

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