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UNI (101, 201) or HON 110

Welcome to UNCW and Randall Library!  This is your guide to the information literacy resources and activities you will need for First Year Seminar.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about research or using the library (http://library.uncw.edu/ask).

Please use the links below to complete the BUILD Tutorial, the Virtual Tour of Randall Library, and the Quiz BEFORE you attend your First Year Seminar library session and the CAARP Library Assignment AFTER your library session.  Check with your First Year Seminar instructor for specific due dates.


BEFORE your library session, complete the BUILD Tutorial:
Start Here

When you finish BUILD, complete a Virtual Tour of Randall Library:

When you finish both BUILD and the Virtual Library Tour, take a Quiz BEFORE your library session:

AFTER your library session, complete the CAARP assignment:

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