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Fisheries Biology

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BIO 458

Objective: Despite perceived ubiquitous access to information via Google and other popular search engines, access to trustworthy and/or peer-reviewed scholarly/scientific literature remains problematic. And with multiple systems for accessing information, knowing where to begin can be a difficult and overwhelming task; particularly if one is not an expert or familiar with a specific area of study. Thus, the objective of this workshop and guide is to introduce you to the various resources and methods for obtaining information on the biology, fisheries, and management of a chosen fish species. Specifically, we'll discuss using the library's research databases to find journal articles, technical reports, government documents, and other materials related to fisheries.

Using the library, databases, or other sources to find information can be complex and frustrating. If you need help at any time, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you.

Starting Points

Encyclopedias and Overview Literature
The list of books below provide syntheses, definitions, topic overviews, and bibliographies on a variety of subjects relating to fisheries research. The library maintains many more sources than those listed here, so it is important to browse the shelves around the titles listed below to locate other relevant resources. The Reference Collection is located on the first floor of the library to the right of the library's entrance.

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