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For U.S. Statistics - FedStats provides access to the full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government without having to know in advance which Federal agency produces which particular statistic.

For U.S. and NC Statistics - The Triangle Census Research Data Center (TCRDC) is a partnership between the U.S. Census Bureau and Duke University in cooperation with the University of North Carolina System. Under this partnership, the Census Bureau provides access to unpublished microdata from the Bureau's economic and demographic censuses and surveys via a secure computer laboratory located on the Duke Campus. Faculty, students, and staff from Duke or any of the 16 universities in the UNC System may use the TCRDC free of cost for their Census approved research projects, making the TCRDC is a unique opportunity for researchers in the region.

For NC Statistics - The State Data Center is a consortium of agencies cooperating with the US Bureau of the Census to provide the public with data about the state and its component geographic areas. The SDC lead agency is located in the Technology and Data Services Section of OSBM, where it provides extensive resources for retrieving statistical information.

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