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Before You Begin:

  1. Your First Year Seminar instructor should have assigned you a number (1 to 25).  If you do not know this number, please contact your instructor.
  2. Your instructor should also have provided you with a due date for this assignment.  If you do not know the due date, please contact your instructor.
  3. After you submit the assignment, your instructor will automatically receive an email with a copy of your answers.

Directions for Completing the Library Assignment:Image of student considering a variety of information sources.

  1. First, go here to get your set of resources.
  2. Review the three sources available in the "set" using the CAARP evaluation model.
    Remember: C = Currency, A = Authority, A = Accuracy, R = Relevance, P = Purpose
  3. When you are ready to continue, click "Go to Assignment" (at the bottom of this page or the resources page above). At any point, you can save a draft of your assignment, close your browser, and come back to this website to log in and complete the assignment.
  4. Need Help?  Contact Anne Pemberton, Associate Director, Research and Instructional Services and Library Assessment at pembertona@uncw.edu.



Image used with permission from Kitty Mackey and Tyler Chen, Clark College.