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Description of Library Instruction at Randall Library

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Randall Library provides instruction to UNCW faculty, staff, and students as well as to community members. Instruction is delivered face to face through classes, workshops, and tours and online through tutorials. Instruction is also offered through semester long credit courses (LIB 101, LIB 103, and LIB 104).

The majority of instruction for UNCW students is done through "course-related instruction." UNCW faculty collaborate with Randall Library librarians to provide students with instruction related to a specific course. Often, the instruction is given by a librarian in order to teach students how to use library resources in order to complete a specific assignment. Instruction is also provided to students on how to critically evaluate information, distinguish between scholarly and popular sources, develop an effective search strategy, or how to use discipline specific resources. 

From July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010, Randall Library taught 437 instruction sessions to 9,185 participants. Of these, 7,391 were UNCW students.  

Randall Library has evaluated library instruction in seve