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Information for First Year Seminar Instructors
Library Instruction Session (required)
  • Schedule your session using our web form

Student Learning Outcomes for Library Instruction Session:

At the end of the face to face library instruction session, the student will be able to:

  • FYS SLO 1. List the differences between websites/broadcasts, newspapers, magazines, journals, and books.
  • FYS SLO 2. Distinguish between popular and scholarly information resources.
  • FYS SLO 3. Select the appropriate tool to find a book and an article on a particular topic.
  • FYS SLO 4. Identify appropriate service points for assistance both in the library and via the library’s website.
  • FYS SLO 5. Apply established evaluation criteria to determine if an information source is appropriate.
Library Chapter Quiz (required)

BEFORE the library session, require students to read the Randall Library textbook chapter (Chapter 16) and complete the Chapter 16 Quiz: http://library.uncw.edu/quiz/uni_101

The students will receive an e-mail with their quiz score upon completion.  In the e-mail, they are instructed to forward the results to you for credit.

CRITIC Library Assignment (required)

AFTER the library session, students should complete the CRITIC “library assignment.”  Please set the due date for this assignment to fall within two weeks after your library session.  You will automatically receive an e-mail from each student once they have completed the assignment.  It is up to you how you wish to assign a grade or provide participation points for completion.  However, mandatory participation is crucial for the assessment process.  We appreciate your participation!

1. Assign each student a number from 1 to 25.
2. Assign a due date no more than 2 weeks after the library session.
3. Provide students with this URL so that they can complete the assignment: http://library.uncw.edu/instruction/UNI_library_assignment

Tour of the Library (optional but encouraged)
  • Give your students the link to the library's virtual tour
  • If your LINK would like assistance with giving a tour of the library, please contact coatsl [at] uncw [dot] edu (subject: LINK%20Tour%20Training) (Lisa Coats)
  • Download the tour script for LINK-led tours 
Plagiarism Tutorial & Quiz from Indiana University (optional but encouraged)

Schedule a Session

Please schedule your First Year Seminar Library Session by filling out this form.

1.    You should receive an email confirming your session within 3 days (72 hours) of your request.
2.    Plan to attend the library session.  Students take these sessions more seriously if their instructor is present.  Furthermore, the session relies heavily on group work – your participation in facilitating group activities is appreciated.
3.    If you have any comments or concerns, please include them in the “Is there anything else…” field below, or contact coatsl [at] uncw [dot] edu (subject: Freshman%20Seminar%20Question) (Lisa Coats.)

Resources for First Year Seminar are available for both students and instructors.

Class Meeting Time

Please indicate minutes in 5 minute intervals.

Choose a date

Please list a choice of dates for your library session.  Every effort will be made to schedule your 1st preference.

Note that the first day that the library session will be offered is September 2 (for fall) and January 27 (for spring).