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treadmill desks

In response to student requests for more diverse study spaces, Randall Library is pleased to announce a new alternative study option for UNCW students.  This fall, the library will feature two treadmill desks and two cycling desks, offering a fresh alternative to sitting all day at a traditional desk.

The treadmill desks (already installed and available at Randall Library), feature a height-adjustable work area for notebooks, laptops, books, and more. The treadmill allows for a walking pace and has readouts for steps, walking time, distance, calories, and speed. 

The cycling desks (forthcoming later this summer) likewise are height-adjustable and include integrated bag hooks to keep your personal items safety stowed. The cycling desks were made possible by a Friends of UNCW Grant.

Randall Library is committed to supporting student success and excellence at UNCW, including the continued development of versatile and energizing study spaces. This fall we invite our Seahawks to come and stretch their legs while stretching their minds, on the new exercise study desks.