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  • April 14, 2015
    Applied Learning Gallery

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the online “Applied Learning Gallery,” viewable at http://randall3.uncw.edu/applied_learning

    Created in partnership between Undergraduate Studies (ETEAL, Honors / CSURF, OIP, CTE),Randall Library, and the Career Center,the Online Applied Learning Gallery Launchedpurpose of this gallery is to highlight exemplary applied learning projects taking place at UNCW. The site features selected examples of applied learning experiences as described by students themselves. It is intended to be a long-term effort that will grow with new additions over the coming years and will include archival capabilities for looking at the great applied learning activities of our students in a searchable database.

    The website was designed to connect the various partners who participate in and support applied learning at UNCW, to connect UNCW with community partners interested in students applied learning activities, and to serve as a selective archive and gallery of applied learning examples. It can be used to identify types of projects that have been done, or ideas for future projects. Students may wish to submit their experience to demonstrate to future employers or educators the quality of learning experiences they participated in while at UNCW. The site can be browsed by:

    • Student name
    • Major
    • Instructor/mentor
    • Type of applied learning
    • Funding source

    It is also fully searchable by keyword allowing you to dig deeper into submissions. It has been designed to be mobile-friendly. Students, in addition to providing a comprehensive description of their experience, can upload presentations, images, PDFs and other materials created as part of their applied learning experience through our online submission form. Submissions will be reviewed periodically for addition into the gallery based on completeness and quality. Submissions will be solicited through the various department chairs and directors.

  • April 13, 2015
    New Low-Tech Group Study Rooms on Second Floor

    3 New Low-Tech Group study rooms are now available!

    Three rooms formerly used for media viewing have been turned into low-tech group study rooms. These rooms are designed for small groups who do not need technology and are looking for a quiet place to work and study alongside fellow classmates. The new group study rooms —RL2031, RL2033, and RL2035— are located behind the Graduate Study Room. Click here for a map of Randall Library's second floor.

    Group Study Rooms are first come first serve but groups of 2 or more and reservations are always given priority. View the detailed policy or follow this link to reserve a group study room.


    Randall Library supports the mission of the University by providing information resources and learner-centered services and by cultivating a rich physical and virtual environment dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and an information-literate community.


  • April 08, 2015

    Access to our library catalog and online library resources, such articles, journals and ebooks, will be unavailable on Saturday April 11, 2015 from 11pm until 3am EDT because of scheduled system maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience, but the maintenance will help ensure reliable services.

  • April 06, 2015

    …an exhibit for our 2015 Flash Nonfiction Contest.

    Please visit the Flash Nonfiction exhibit in the gallery outside of the RL Auditorium. The exhbit highlights the winning stories from this year's contest as well as accompanying illustrations designed by UNCW Graphic Design Students. These illustrations will appear alongside the 13 selected flash nonfiction pieces in a forthcoming anthology desgined and published by the UNCW Publishing Laboratory.

    You should also join us at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15 in the Randall Library Auditorium for the Flash Nonfiction Reading/Book Party/Reception. This year’s celebration features guest speakers, great food, a giveaway, readings by the top winners, and a special edition of Speak Easy, Wilmington's live storytelling competition starring .... you! http://library.uncw.edu/news/flash_fiction_2014_event_0









  • March 30, 2015
    Massages, Games, and Food for Students During Finals

    Recharge @ Randall - Monday, May 4 from 6:30 - 10 p.m.

    Randall Library knows that final exams can be stressful, so we invite you to take a study break and recharge!

    All UNCW students are welcome to join us Monday evening May 4 for three events designed to relieve stress and provide much-needed rejuvenation at this busy time of year.

    6:30 - 8:30 p.m. in RL 1039 – College of Wilmington massage therapists will offer free 15-minute chair massages to students.  Sign up in person beginning at 6:15 pm to secure a slot!

    6:30 - 10 p.m. in RL 1022 – A variety of games to take a break and get your brain in shape.

    9 p.m. on the first floor of Randall Library – Let us treat you to bagels, muffins, granola bars, cheese, fresh fruit, juice and coffee to help you power through your final exams.  Refreshments available while supplies last.

    Recharge @ Randall is made possible by Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Affairs, the Counseling Center, Health Promotion, Port City Java, and Randall Library.

  • March 26, 2015

    Second floor Media Viewing Rooms RL2031, RL2033, and RL2035 are temporarily unavailable while the spaces are being repurposed and improved.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Media Viewing is still available in RL2034. To use this space, please check out the key from the Ciruclation Desk.


  • March 23, 2015

    Wentworth Fellows Showcase

    Meet the Fellows in person Wednesday, April 8 3-5 pm

    The Wentworth Fellowship, a gift of Mr. Charles F. Green III, was established in 2001 to enable a select number of students to travel to sites, in America or abroad, associated with literary authors and texts. This year's recipients traveled to places as far as Dublin and Iceland.

    Please stop by the Randall Library information table at 3 pm to learn about how Randall Library can provide support and assistance to you when you embark on a research project, or you can also visit the library resources webpage to learn how we can support projects like this!

    This semester's fellows: 

    Anamarie Neville (Pennsylvania and Massachusetts) Holly Lynn (Oxford, England) Alexandra Doria (Boston) Kevin McClary (Austin, Texas) Makel Supulski (New York City) Amber Hodge (Toronto and Ottawa, Canada) Emily Miller (England) Storm Pilloff (Dublin) Rebecca Haught (Boston and New York City) Christian Bateman (Toronto) Jack Kelly (North Carolina) Christopher Hathaway (Iceland)

    Special thanks to Assistant Professor of Poetry, Department of English, Dr. Alex Porco, for serving as this year's Wentworth Chair.



  • March 19, 2015
    Money Wise - A Financial Workshop for College Students

    UNCW's Randall Library invites you to Money Wise, A Financial Workshop for College Students.

    Made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Foundation through Smart investing@yourlibrary®, a partnership with the American Library Association, Money Wise is aimed to teach you how to be smart with your money. This workshop will help you with saving strategies, understanding compound interest, credit cards and your credit score.

    Join us on Thursday, April 9th 2015, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Long Leaf Pine Room, Fisher University Union Room 1041.

    Lunch included!

    Registration is preferred but not required. Please contact Beth Kaylor, Coordinator of Business, Entrepreneurship and Government Information Research, at kaylorj [at] uncw [dot] edu (subject: Money%20Wise) or by phone at 962-4232.

    Get Money Wise!


  • March 19, 2015
    Flash Nonfiction 2015- The Event

    …an event celebrating our 2015 Flash Nonfiction Contest.  This year, Randall Library is teaming up with Speak Easy, Wilmington’s live storytelling competition starring…you!

    Please join us at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15 in the Randall Library Auditorium for the Flash Nonfiction Reading/Book Party/Reception. This year’s celebration features guest speakers, great food, a giveaway, readings by the top winners, and a special edition of Speak Easy.

    First place - Bridget Callahan, Parking at the Library. Second place - Beth Roddy, My Library Circulation History, Third place - Liz Granger, The Oldest Mzungu in Uganda.

    Please also check out our semester-long Flash Nonfiction exhibit on Randall Library’s second floor, which highlights the winning stories from this year's contest as well as accompanying illustrations designed by UNCW Graphic Design students. These illustrations will appear alongside the 13 selected flash nonfiction pieces in a forthcoming anthology designed and published by the UNCW Publishing Laboratory. 







  • March 17, 2015
    4000 Years of Choice Randall Library Exhibit

    Randall Library and the Women’s Studies and Resource Center celebrate Women’s History Month with a new exhibit by artist Heather Ault.  Ault will be on campus Wednesday, March 18th at 5:30 p.m. for a meet-and-greet with attendees.

    Women have been making responsible decisions about pregnancy for thousands of years.  Throughout its existence, the pro-life movement has successfully relied on images of the fetus to communicate its message. Pro-choice feminists responded in the 1970s with the equally-provocative wire coat hanger, symbolizing the dangers of the pre-Roe v. Wade era. In a more positive response, artist Heather Ault has turned to life-affirming images that recall ancient reproductive practices and the proud legacy of generations committed to healthy lives for women and their families.

    "4,000 Years for Choice"** is a global story of women's reproductive empowerment and their efforts to prevent and end pregnancy across centuries. These posters present abortion and contraception within the context of our shared human history.  This exhibit includes stories about abortifacient plants and herbs, including artemisia, pennyroyal, aloe vera and Queen Anne's lace; early contraceptive technologies, such as diaphragms, IUDs and cervical caps; and commentary from historical figures about reproductive control, including Plato, Socrates, Casanova, Emma Goldman and Margaret Sanger.

    Sharing stories from history about reproductive choices, in all of their complexities, rarely plays a part in the public conversation. Ault's images have the ability to inspire creativity, curiosity, and conversation, as well as expand the visual vocabulary for reproductive rights.

    Heather Ault is an artist, designer, and activist living in Madison, Wisconsin. For more information about these projects and upcoming exhibitions, or to purchase artwork, visit www.4000yearsforchoice.com. For more information about Heather's visit and for a complete list of campus events for Women's History Month, click here.


    *This reception will cause slight noise on our dedicated quiet floor. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

    **Any views or opinions presented in this exhibit are solely those of the artist and do not represent those of the university.