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High School Students

Randall Library is a public facility and welcomes high school students to use its information resources in the building during its extensive hours of operation.  Note that access between 10 p.m.. and 7 a.m.. is RESTRICTED to NC Students, Faculty and Staff ONLY.

High school students are not eligible for computer lab use or laptop checkout.

High school students enrolled in grades 9-12, with sponsorship of a parent, guardian or school librarian, may check out as many as four (4) items at a time from the following collections:

  • General Collection
  • Oversize Collection
  • U.S.. Documents (with some exceptions for items marked "Library Use Only")
  • N.C.. Documents (with some exceptions for items marked "Library Use Only")

Terms of this sponsorship are described below:

Parent or Guardian Sponsorship

Parents or guardians with the following UNCW library patron status may sponsor borrowing privileges for their children enrolled in grades 9-12:  

  • UNCW Faculty, Staff and Trustees
  • UNCW Students
  • UNCW Alumni
  • Friends of UNCW
  • North Carolina Adult Residents
  • Visiting Scholars

By sponsoring their child, the parent or guardian assumes responsibility for the return of all materials and the payment of any charges assessed for damage or over dues. 

An application form is available at the Circulation Desk and the parent or guardian must sign the form.  High school students will be issued a special borrower's card which must be presented to borrow materials.  Privileges may be renewed annually as long as the student is in High School.

School Librarian Sponsorship

To request a school librarian sponsor a student's check-out privileges at Randall Library, the student should confer with his/her school librarian to ensure that the student has exhausted the resources of his/her school library and public library.  

By sponsoring a student, the school librarian will assume responsibility for the return of all materials charged out to the student whose name is on the card.  Students should be aware that many school librarians are understandably reluctant to take this risk.  Sponsorship is an expression of trust between the  school librarian and the student.

When the school librarian feels that sponsorship of a student is necessary and justifiable, he/she should complete a high school student use card, indicating his/her approval by signing the card.  High school librarians may request additional cards by contacting Randall Library.  

  • Issued cards will be valid for two weeks from the date of issue by the school librarian.
  • Additional cards will not be sent to a school whose students have unpaid obligations (overdue books, fines).

High school students authorized to use the Library are subject to all policies and regulations of the Library. Failure to adhere to these policies will result in revocation of use privileges.

Loan Periods
  • High School students may borrow books from the general collection and government documents for 28 days.  Other materials must be used in the library. 
Overdue, Damage, and Replacement Charges
  • The library does not charge fines but borrowing privileges will be blocked when a high school user has overdue books or library debt.
  • If items are not renewed or returned by the due date bills will be issued for those items that are at least 45 days overdue. The bill will include the replacement cost and a $15 non-refundable billing fee per item. It items are returned to the Library within two months after a bill has been issued, a waiver of the replacement charge(s) may be requested but the non-refundable billing fee(s) will not  be waived.  Please note that water damage cannot be repaired and requires that those items be replaced.  Bills will be issued to customers returning water damaged items.