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Hurricane Evacuation Procedures Checklist

Hurricane Evacuation Procedures Checklist


  • Review Randall Library emergency plans, UNCW Hurricane Operations Plan and office or departmental plans.  Make sure all employees are familiar with these plans and procedures.
  • Update staffing changes and emergency contact information for Randall Library.
  • Document new items that are not easily replaced through pictures and video.
  • Check emergency supply inventory and order any needed items.  Please see the recommended emergency supply list for Randall Library and obtain extra or replacement items if necessary.

HURRICANE WATCH – 48 hours prior to storm arrival

  • Library Safety & Security Committee keeps abreast of weather and hurricane information by checking local news sources and reading messages from the University ‘s Emergency Management Coordinator.  The chair of the Safety & Security committee or his/her designate will communicate regularly with Library Staff and Partners as the weather event develops and new information comes from the Emergency Manager.
  • Library Staff and partners should stay alert for news from the UNCW decision makers on next steps and major decisions; these will be posted on the UNCW and EH&S Web sites, available from the Emergency Hotline and communicated by the University Librarian or Associate Director Library Access and Customer Support Services, a member of the University's Emergency Planning Group.
  • Begin preliminary hurricane preparations:
    • Review Randall Library Hurricane Procedures Checklist
    • Cancel of postpone scheduled events, meetings, and/or activities.  For public events, contact the Office of University Relations so they may add the cancellation notice to their press releases.
    • Back up critical computer files, store in a safe place.
    • Verify that emergency supplies such as plastic or trash bags are on hand for wrapping equipment.

HURRICANE WARNING – 36 hours prior to storm arrival

  • Each Library department and partner unit should complete the following tasks to protect offices and equipment if word comes that UNCW is planning to close:
    • Close and lo