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Interlibrary Lending

Currently under revision

Randall Library provides Interlibrary Loan Services to other academic and in-state public libraries. We try to respond to borrowing libraries requests within 24 hours of receipt of requests.

We accept requests via OCLC and ALA or IFLA forms sent through fax, email or Ariel
  • OCLC symbol: NXW
  • E-mail address: libraryill [at] uncw [dot] edu
  • Ariel IP:
  • Fax: 910-962-3863
  • Voice: 910-962-7005 or 910-962-7312
  • Online request forms are in development
What we Loan
  • Monographs
  • 2nd copies of theses
  • Music CDs
  • NC and US Documents
  • Newspapers on microfilm
What we Don't Loan
  • A/V materials such as videos and DVDs
  • Current periodicals (bound periodicals may be lent at discretion of ILL staff)
  • Special Collection, Archives or Reference materials
  • Items in the CMC collection
  • Items on Reserve
We provide photocopies of
  • Journal articles
  • Newspaper articles
  • Reference materials

We provide a 28 day loan period and a 14 day renewal for most material; loans are subject to recall.

We do not charge reciprocal partners and we encourage new partnerships.

Use IFM or can invoice when billing

We participate in SOLINE resource sharing.

We ship via USPS, Ariel, Fax or via UPS and FedEx using borrower's account number.

Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan services also available.  For more information please contact Interlibrary Loan Services and Document Delivery Services via phone or email.

Madeleine Bombeld, bombeldm [at] uncw [dot] edu Interlibrary and Document Services Librarian.