Q: I have some old books and documents that need to be restored but I am not sure how to do it. Is there someone at the library who can help?

A: The library does not have a conservationist on staff so we are not able to give advice about the conservation of books, A/V materials, or other materials. Note that professional conservation can be very expensive.
Here are some online resources about conservation:

Here are some books on conservation and restoration.

Q: I have some old or rare books, collectibles, or objects of art. How do I find out how much they are worth?

A: Many types of objects can be priced at online auction sites such as eBay and through antiques and collectibles price guides.Search the internet for well-reviewed rare and used book sellers to see book pricing comparisons.

Q: I would like to donate rare books, collectibles or objects of art to Randall Library. How should I proceed?

A: For gifts pertaining to UNCW history, contact UNCW Archives. For other gifts of rare or special materials, contact Special Collections. For general gifts, please review the general collection gift policy at http://library.uncw.edu/about/giving_library.