Question: It has fallen upon me to start the archives at my church, school, civic organization, etc. How do I preserve and provide online access to important historic material ?

Answer: There are some great resources on “archiving for non-archivists” and Digitization

I. Online

  1. A Manual of Basic Archival Practices is published by the NC SHRAB (State Historical Records Advisory Board), 2006. Search online to find current version.
  2. INSURING THE FUTURE OF OUR PAST: A Brief Guide to Selecting or Starting an Archival Program by Boyd D. Cathey. Raleigh, NC: The State Historical Records Advisory Board of North Carolina, 2003, 3rd. edition. Search online. Note: This is an NC-focused publication, published by the State Historical Records Advisory Board of North Carolina (SHRAB of NC). Find your SHRAB by doing an internet search on your state and “SHRAB.” 
  3. Find a local or regional archival organization, e.g. The Society of North Carolina Archivists (SNCA), New England Archivists, etc. They offer professional education, annual conferences, workshops, etc.
  4. Free information about digitization best practices and the ArchivesSpace content management system from the nation's largest regional membership organization for libraries and information professionals (LYRASIS).
  5. Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) provides free online resources about preservation and digitization.
  6. NC Digital - Chapel Hill-based organization will digitize for NC organizations (college yearbooks and newspapers, scrapbooks, photographs, videos, and more) 
  7. State Library of NC - Government and Heritage Library - Based in Raleigh, the SLNC will digitize certain publications by North Carolina state agencies, including public universities and colleges. 
  8. Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines - Best practices for digitization for libraries, museums, and federal agencies

II. Book-length resources

  • Archival Fundamental Series published by the Society of American Archivists.
  • Title: Copyright and cultural institutions: guidelines for digitization for U.S. libraries, archives, and museums
    Author(s): Peter B. Hirtle, Emily Hudson, & Andrew T. Kenyon
    Publisher: Cornell University Libraries
    Year/Publication Date: 2009
  • Title: Digital imaging: a practical approach
    Author: Koelling, J. M.
    Publisher: AltaMira Press
    Year/Publicaiton Date: 2004
  • Title: A Guide to Preventive Conservation of Photographic Collections
    Author:  Lavedrine, B.
    Publisher: J. Paul Getty Museum
    Year/Publication Date: 2003
  • Title: Handbook of Oral History
    Ed: Charlton, et al.
    Publisher: Alta Mira
    Year/Publication Date: 2008