Wilmington College Seahawk and cheerleaders, circa 1960s
Seahawk, 1962
Seahawk, 1967-1968
Ten Years Together
Sailor Seahawk, 1972
Homecoming, 1978
Seahawk, 1978
Seahawk, 1979
The Bird, 1980
Seahawk and friends, circa 1980s.
The Seahawk, circa 1980s
Seahawk, 1984
Seahawk and Cheerleaders in front of UNCW November 1986.
Seahawk Assaulted, 1988
Seahawk, 1989-1990
Seahawk, 1989-1990
Seahawk, 1996
50th anniversary logo, 1997
UNCW Magazine, 1998
Seahawk, 2000
Article in the Seahawk about the new name for the mascot
Seahawk, 2008
Sammy, 2009
Sammy, 2012
Seahawk Spirit Logo, 2012
The Seahawk wants you, undated.
Seahawk mascot wore a simple feathery suit and baseball hat (Seahawk newspaper, Jan. 25, 1980).
Seahawk sported a UNCW tank top and sailor’s cap in green and gold. (UNCW Today, Fall 1986). 
UNCW added navy blue, helping to distinguish UNCW from other collegiate athletic teams in green and gold--especially conference rivals James Madison University and the College of William and Mary (Seahawk, Aug. 20, 1992). 
"Sammy C. Hawk" won in a student contest to officially rename the mascot. (Seahawk, Nov. 18, 2004). 
The Student Government Association joined Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo and other university officials to recognize teal as UNCW's main official color. (Teal Day).