The Seahawk, November 3, 1958The Seahawk released its first monthly issue on November 3, 1958, becoming Wilmington College's monthly student newspaper after a period of sporadic publication. The news organization promised to striveThe Seahawk, November 3, 1958--p 2 for this level of consistency in the future.

The first Seahawk newspaper was distributed in September 1948. The year 1958 was its reinvigoration, according to the 1959 Fledgling yearbook. A Publications Board, consisting of representatives from the administration, faculty, and student body, was established to support the Seahawk.

Today, the Seahawk is the online student news organization for the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). In its historical all print form, The Seahawk was never a daily newspaper, although publication did reach twice a week at various times.

The Fledgling, 1959