Seahawks After Dark: The Evolution of Midnite Madness

A new exhibit about Midnite Madness at the University of North Carolina Wilmington is now on display in the library during operating hours. Check out "Seahawks After Dark" in an exhibit case adjacent to University Archives, Randall Library Room 2008, in between Honors College and University Archives.


Midnite Madness honors the start of the UNCW basketball season, and is typically held on a Friday in mid-October. Historically, basketball players could not legally take the court to train until the Friday closest to the 15th of October. This led many schools to start practice soon after midnight on the appointed day to get as much practice time as possible. UNCW held its first Midnight Madness event in 1990. Over the years, and with a couple of rule changes, a name change from "Midnight" to "Midnite," and the addition of other campus wide events, Midnite Madness has evolved to become a week-long celebration for both men's and women's basketball.


This exhibit showcases historic photographs of former basketball players and the student body, as well as tangible items portraying Seahawk Spirit. Images of the first flyer advertising the event from the student-run newspaper The Seahawk can be seen along-side flyers from more recent years. The exhibit also displays Midnite Madness t-shirts, one dating to 1998 and others that current students will recognize from past years. The exhibit even shows historic images of the UNCW mascot in its early form, visible on a Student Telephone Directory from the 1989-1990 school year and the "new" logo unvieled in The Seahawk newspaper in 1986.



Midnite Madness 2015 is on Friday, October 23 with festivities all week. For more information on Midnite Madness, see

To view a digital exhibit, see

Seahawks After Dark: The Evolution of Midnite Madness

"Seahawks After Dark: The Evolution of Midnight Madness" is an exhibit highlighting Midnite Madness at the University of North Carolina Wilmington then and now. It can be viewed at the University of North Carolina Wilmington Randall Library during library operating hours.


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Stuart Marks Collection

This digital collection highlights material from the Marks manuscript collection, offering insight into Stuart's dynamic career and personal life. 

Board of Trustees Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes, Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, and other documents relating to the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

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The Power of Print and Pixels: 65 Years of UNCW Student News

The Seahawk (digitized), 1948-1999

Instructions: There are 10 search results because years are combined (i.e., one file for 1948-1973). Click on each file individually to search that time frame. Then click on Read Online in upper left corner. Enter search terms in the box that says "Search inside." You have to open file individually to search; you cannot search across all issues at this time. You may open PDFs, but the first one (1948-1973) is too large for downloading.

University Archives Spotlight--This Week in UNCW History: First day of classes for Wilmington College, September 4, 1947

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66 years ago, Wilmington College opened its doors for the first time.

Wilmington College began as a temporary college center under the Division of Extension at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1946. After the passage of a public referendum in March 1947, Wilmington College gained the local support and property tax levy to earn permanent status. On September 4, 1947, Wilmington College officially opened. Classes were held in New Hanover High School from 4 to 9 p.m. Reportedly, over 200 students enrolled, and there were 17 faculty members.

University Archives Spotlight--This Week in UNCW History: UNCW plans for 10th anniversary, August 30, 2011

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UNCW announced commemorative programming in honor of the victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The first event of 9/11: Reflecting on a Decade commemorative programming was organized by a UNCW graduate student and held on September 9, 2011. More than 1,500 UNCW students, faculty and staff came together on Hanover lawn to create a representation of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in remembrance of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The participants held up the names of the 2,977 victims of the 9/11 attacks. Photographs of this event were taken from a bucket truck and the event garnered recognition in the local press.

University Archives Spotlight--This Week in UNCW History: UNCW shares Legacy Hall plans, August 18, 2003

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10 years ago, Legacy Hall—a set of museum-quality displays dedicated to the teaching profession--was in the works.

On August 18, 2003--when the Education Building was still under construction--UNCW leaders shared plans for the NC Teachers Legacy Hall with the media and public. At a news conference, Chancellor Rosemary DePaolo recognized three donors for their generous contributions. The donors were Grace Burton, Cooperative Bank, and Progress Energy.

Legacy Hall, housed in the atrium of the Education Building, honors P-12 education and teaching excellence in the state.

University Archives Spotlight--This Week in UNCW History: The cost of being a student, August 3, 1973

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Forty years ago, you could pay $2.50 for a haircut and 37 cents for a gallon of gas. Check out living and education expenses from back in the day.

“Living & Education: Costs” in the archived Seahawk student newspaper


Rent a local apartment


Ride a city bus within Wilmington

30 cents

Ride a city bus to Wrightsville Beach