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Michael A. Papadeas of Kure Beach donated more than 100 Hellenic books to Randall Library. The books are a gift to Randall Library Special Collections. "These books are in such good condition," University Librarian Sarah Barabara Watstein said. "This donation shows that Mr. Papadeas recognizes the care and attention that the books will continue to receive from the Special Collections staff at Randall Library."

A retired engineer and businessman, Mr. Papadeas collected the books over a 50-year period. The collection covers Greek history, culture and literature beginning in antiquity. Most are written in classical Greek; in Katharevousa, the conservative or "High" form of modern Greek; or in the demotic Greek spoken by most Greeks today. About 30 percent of the volumes are in English.

Mr. Papadeas said he was inspired to make the gift after attending a 2011 lecture at Randall Library by Nicholas Gage, the Greek-American author of the best-selling "Eleni." Gage's appearance was sponsored by the Cape Fear chapter of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA), a Greek-American group.

Mr. Papadeas holds a U.S. patent related to the testing of telephone channel filters, and he is the author of several technical papers and a business program management guide. He is also a published poet. His memoir  "Coming to America: A Memoir, 1938-1958” will be printed for distribution in early 2013.

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