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Wilmington College 1957 catalogUNCW has participated in an exciting project to digitize historical publications about the university. This project was made possible through the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative – a Sloan Foundation grant-subsidized program making digitization easy and affordable for libraries and cultural institutions across the country.

Through the Collaborative’s partnership with the Internet Archive, items were scanned from cover-to-cover and in full color. You can choose from a variety of formats: page through a book by choosing the “read online” option, download the PDF or Kindle file, or search the full text version.

To view and search these collections, simply visit Internet Archive: UNCW Collection, also linked from Randall Library Digital Collections, the Randall Library A-Z E-resources list, and UNCW Archives and Special Collections.

The most frequently viewed book is UNCW Magazine (1990-1995). It has been downloaded more than 1,300 times since June 2011.

All titles are non-fiction. Most were published by UNCW and/or are about UNCW. Many books pertain to regional history and the Wilmington area. The Internet Archive – UNCW Collection includes:

Campus Communique: Official Bulletin of UNCW (1970-2004)

  • Weekly newsletter for UNC Wilmington employees

Fledgling UNCW Yearbook (1950-1989)

From These Beginnings: Wilmington College 1946-1969 by J. Marshall Crews

  • A history of the Wilmington College era through 1969.

Minutes of the Meeting of the UNCW Board of Trustees, 1958-

The Multicampus University Comes of Age, 1956-1986 by Arnold K. King

  • A history of the UNC System by the namesake of UNCW's King Hall. This administrative history covers a significant time in twentieth-century NC political history, including the expansion of the UNC system to include UNC Wilmington in 1969, the Speaker Ban law, and the system's elimination of "racial duality."

Pea Ridge, 1919-1931: My Childhood Memories in the West Tennessee Country by J. Marshall Crews

  • The late J. Marshall Crews, a UNCW faculty member and administrator, wrote this memoir about growing up in rural Tennessee.

Register of Deaths and Burials--Bellevue Cemetery Company: July 1876-May 1988, Volume A. Alphabetical Listing of Names. Volume B. Listing of Burials by Cemetery

  • A reference about Bellevue Cemetery in Wilmington, NC that was published by UNCW Randall Library in 1999.

SACS Self-Study Accreditation Reports (1982, 1992, 2002)

  • Prepared by UNCW for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Seahawk Student Newspaper (1948-1999)

  • The student newspaper of UNCW has been published since 1948.

UNCW Undergraduate and Graduate Course Catalogs (1947-Present)

  • In addition to course descriptions and requirements for majors, the catalog includes biographies of the institution’s leaders, summaries of campus traditions, maps, photographs, campus building histories, tuition rates and student fees.

UNCW Magazine (1990-Present)

  • Published for alumni and friends of the university.

UNCW Student Handbook/Code of Student Life (1962-Present)

  • Rules of conduct, judicial procedures, requirements for student organizations, lists of student organizations, and information about campus resources, guidelines, and facilities

University of North Carolina at Wilmington Factsheets (1975-2001)

  • Statistical data on UNCW

Williston College Catalog Bulletins 1-2 (1955-1959)

  • Course catalogs from Williston College, the unit of Wilmington College for African American students during segregation