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Hal Keiner, TAP Project Archivist for the NC State Historical Records Advisory Board, will come to UNCW Archives and Randall Library Special Collections May 15 for a site visit. Mr. Keiner will provide basic collections assessment and recommendations for short- and long-term preservation planning.

TAP offers direct assistance including onsite instruction and preservation supplies to North Carolina institutions and organizations that collect, preserve, and make accessible to the public, materials documenting the history and culture of the state.

Archives, Libraries, Historical Societies, Museums, Historic Sites/Homes, Genealogical Societies, College and Universities, and any other institutions that house and service historical records are eligible for a TAP visit. TAP is not available for institutions that house solely objects and artifacts.

TAP solicited applications during Summer/Fall of 2011. UNCW Archives and Randall Library Special Collections applied in June and was notified of selection on September 1. We look forward to participating in the Traveling Archivist Program!