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In 1980, the UNCW Pub hosted UNCW's first annual Seaside Jam in support of Save the Whales.

The Jam, which featured hot musical trends of the time, continued throughout the 1980s and 1990s as a popular Spring event for UNCW students and Wilmington residents. By 1984 the Seaside Jam was held as a part of “Spring Week” on UNCW’s campus, and no longer had a connection to Save the Whales. This transfer, in conjunction with bans on alcohol, moved the Jam from Brooks Field to Trask Coliseum, and lack of funding for entertainers brought about a decline in attendance to the later Seaside Jams.

Seaside Jams in the 1980s and 1990s:Seaside Jam, 1981

Seaside Jam I – April 26, 1980: Featured 3 bands, a helium-filled Sperm Whale, professional Frisbee team, paratroopers, and booths set up by the clubs on campus.

Seaside Jam II – April 25, 1981: Featured musical groups Le Roux, Choice, and the Rob Crosby Group. Female mime duo Mainely Mime, and Dr. John’s World Champion Frisbee Show.

Seaside Jam III – April 24, 1982: Featuring musical guests Sugarcreek, 3PM, and Cirkus.

Seaside Jam IV – April 23, 1983: Featured a Save the Whale Lecture on April 19th by Paul Watson.

Seaside Jam V – April 14, 1984: Musical performances by Sleeper, Gene Cotton, and Tony Carey. 

Seaside Jam VII– Part of “Spring Week” – April 19, 1986: Featured musical guest Inn-O-Vation.

Seaside Jam VIII – Part of “Spring Week”– April 25, 1987: Featured musical guests Cruis-o-matic and Zipper.

Seaside Jam IX– Part of “Spring Week” – April 17, 1988: Featured musical guests Freedom of Expression and Innovation.

Seaside Jam – Part of “Spring Week” – April 26, 1997: Featured South Carolina band Cravin’ Melon, Far Too Jones, and Freemason.

Seaside Jam – April 18, 1998: Featured musical guests George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars.

For more information on the Seaside Jam see articles in the The Seahawk.

3rd Seaside Jam, 1982