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Example: Bancroft, Kim. "To Have and to Have Not: The Socioeconomics of Charter Schools." Education and Urban Society 41 (2009): 248-279. Web. 10 Feb. 2010.

The journal title for this citation is "Education and Urban Society." Use that as your search.

What Next?

  1. If you find the journal, click on it.
    Journal screenshot
  2. It may come in several different formats: microfiche, microfilm, current periodicals, bound periodicals and full-text online.
    format screenshot
  3. Check the coverage dates to determine if the issue of journal you need is available.
    coverage dates screenshot
  4. If the location of the issue you want is "UNCW Bound Periodical," then the journal issue is in print, located on the first floor of Randall Library. View Library Map.
  5. If you see "This title is available electronically via:..." and your issue is included in the coverage date, then the journal is online.
    1. Click on the link given in the catalog.
    2. The next step will be different depending on the database or website that is providing online access to the journal. You will have to navigate to the article by date (eg: First 2009, then volume 41 then page 248) or search for the article within the journal.

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What if I Can't Find the Journal in the Library Catalog?

If we do not subscribe to the journal you will see a message of “your entry __________ would be here”. In that case (or if we don't have the particular year/issue you are looking for) you can place an Interlibrary Loan request for the article.

If you are unsure if the library has the articles you need, contact us via email, chat or phone.

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