Bib and Item III Locations

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Bibliographic Location Codes Bibliographic Location Names
c Coastal Lib Consortium
e eResources
mc Multicultural Affairs
mc UNCW English Dept
rc UNCW Rec Center
uc Upperman Center
wa Videos and Music
wb Atlases and Maps
wc Curriculum Materials Center
wd Government Resources
we UNCW Ed Lab
wf Reference Collection
wg UNCW General
wh New and Popular Collection
wi Index Collection
wj Juvenile Collection
wm Microform Collection
wn Special Collection SENC
wo UNCW Center for Marine Science
wp Periodicals
wr Audiobooks
ws Special Collections
wt Library Tech Services Dept
wu University Archives
wv Course Reserves
wy Library IT Office

Item Location Location Name Item Type Bib. Locations OCLC

c=Coastal Lib Consortium

ci Coastal Shared (for Internet Records, etc.) 0 c, ci NXWW
cc=Onslow Cty Ext Program        
cccc Onslow Cty Ext Program 0 w, wg NXWW
eb eBooks   w, e, eb NXWW
ev eVideos   w, e, ev NXWW
n=UNCW English Dept        
nvi UNCW English Dept 80 n, nv  
mc=Multicultural Affairs        
mci Multicultural Affairs   m, mc  
rc=[UNCW Rec.Center]        
rcav UNCW Rec Center A/V 5 r, rc NXW8
rci UNCW Rec Center Book 0 r, rc NXW8
uc=UNCW Upperman Center        
uas UNCW Upperman Sound Rec 0 u, uc NXWV
uav UNCW Upperman Videos 0 u, uc NXWV
ufi UNCW Upperman Reference 0 u, uc NXWV
ugi UNCW Upperman General 0 u, uc NXWV
ugo UNCW Upperman Oversize 0 u, uc NXWV
uji UNCW Upperman Juvenile 0 u, uc NXWV
uak UNCW Upperman Kits 0 u, uc NXWV
upi UNCW Upperman Periodicals 0 u, uc NXWV
wa=Videos and Music        
wa16 16mm/8mm Films 5 w, wa NXWW
waa Audiocassettes 5 w, wa NXWW
wac CDs 5 w, wa NXWW
waco Oversize CDs 5 w, wa NXWW
wad A/V Videodiscs 5 w, wa NXWW
wadvd Documentary DVDs 5 w, wa NXWW
wadvr Recreational DVDs 5 w, wa NXWW
wae A/V Equipment 13 w, wa NXWW
waf Filmstrips 5 w, wa NXWW
wah Headsets 13 w, wa NXWW
wak Obsolete UNCW A/V Kits 5 w, wa NXWW
wal  Calculators 13 w, wa NXWW
wam A/V Materials 5 w, wa NXWW
wao Oversize Media 5 w, wa NXWW
waoh Obsolete UNCW A/V Oral Histories 5 w, wa NXWW
wap Phonodiscs 5 w, wa NXWH
war  Remote Control 13 w, wa NXWW
wart Library Artwork 5 w, wa NXWW
was Slides 5 w, wa NXWW
wast Storage 13 w, wa NXWW
wat Tape Players 13 w, wa NXWW
wav Documentary VHS 5 w, wa NXWW
wavr Recreational VHS 5 w, wa NXWW
wb=Atlases and Maps        
wbi Atlases 2 w, wb NXWA
wbm Maps 2 w, wb NXWM
wbo Oversize Atlases 2 w, wb NXWA
wc=Curriculum Materials Center        
wcav  Curriculum Materials Center-A/V 5 w, wc NXWZ
wccg Curriculum Materials Center-Curriculum Guides 0 w, wc NXWZ
wcdt Curriculum Materials Center-Diagnostic Tests 7 w, wc NXWZ
wci Curriculum Materials Center-General 0 w, wc NXWZ
wcper Curriculum Materials Center-Periodicals 0 w, wc NXWZ
wcpic Curriculum Materials Center-Picture File   w, wc NXWZ
wcpro Obsolete UNCW CMC Protocols   w, wc NXWZ
wcref Curriculum Materials Center-Reference 2 w, wc NXWZ
wcres Curriculum Materials Center-Reserves   w, wc NXWZ
wcsft Curriculum Materials Center-Software 2 w, wc NXWZ
wd=Government Resources        
wdin US Documents Index 3 w, wd NXWU
wdn  NC Documents 6 w, wd NXW1
wdnb NC Documents Maps 6 w, wd NXW2
wdnmc NC Documents Microfiche 6 w, wd NXWD
wdno NC Documents Oversize 6 w, wd NXW1
wdoff Government Documents Office 6 w, wd  
wdtis Obsolete UNCW NC Documents-NTIS Microfiche 6 w, wd NXWT
wdr US Documents Reference 2 w, wd  
wdu US Government Documents 6 w, wd NXWU
wdub US Documents Maps 6 w, wd NXW3
wdumc US Documents Microfiche 6 w, wd NXWT
wduml US Documents Microfilm 6 w, wd  
wduo US Documents Oversize 6 w, wd NXWU
we=UNCW Ed Lab        
weadv  UNCW Ed Lab DVD 5 w, we NXWW
weak UNCW Ed Lab Kits 5 w, we NXWW
wefi UNCW Ed Lab Reference 2 w, we NXWW
wegi UNCW Ed Lab General Collection 0 w, we NXWW
weji UNCW Ed Lab Juvenile 1 w, we NXWW
wf=Reference Collection        
wfc  Reference Collection 2 w, wf NXWR
wfi Obsolete UNCW Reference-Storage 2 w, wf NXWR
wfill ILL Office 2 w, wf  
wfo Reference Oversize 2 w, wf NXWR
wfr Ready Reference 2 w, wf NXWR
wfav A/V Reference 2 w, wf NXWR
wfg Microfilm Guides 2 w, wf NXWR
wg=General Collection        
wgh UNCW Honors College 0 w, wg  
wgi General Collection 0 w, wg NXWW
wgo Oversize Collection 0 w, wg NXWN
wgt UNCW Theses and Dissertations 0 w, wg NXWN
wh=New and Popular Collection        
whi New and Popular Collection 0 w, wh NXWW
whz New and Popular-UNCW Zines 0 w, wh NXWW
wi=Index Collection        
wic Index Collection 2 w, wi NXWI
wii Index Collection 2 w, wi NXWI
wj=Juvenile Collection        
wjb Juvenile Biography 1 w, wj NXWK
wjd Juvenile Dewey 1 w, wj NXWJ
wje Juvenile Easy 1 w, wj NXWE
wjf Juvenile Fiction 1 w, wj NXWF
wl=UNCW CTE        
wlctb UNCW CTE-Books 0 w, wl NXWO
wlctv UNCW CTE-Videos 5 w, wl NXWO
wm=Microform Collection        
wmc Microfiche 2 w, wm NXWY
wmcer Microfiche-Eric 2 w, wm NXWY
wmcnb Microfiche-Newsbank 2 w, wm NXWY
wmcp Microfiche-Periodical 2 w, wm NXWY
wmi Obsolete Microfilm 2 w, wm NXWX
wml Microfilm 2 w, wm NXWX
wmlp Microfilm-Periodical 2 w, wm NXWX
wn=Special Collections - SENC        
wnb Spec Coll SENC-Books 4 w, wn NXWS
wnj Spec Coll SENC-Juvenile 4 w, wn NXWS
wnm Spec Coll SENC-Maps/Graphics 4 w, wn NXWS
wno Spec Coll SENC-Oversize 4 w, wn NXWS
wnp Spec Coll SENC-Periodical 4 w, wn NXWS
wnph Spec Coll SENC-Photograph 4 w, wn NXWS
wnr Spec Coll SENC-Realia 4 w, wn NXWS
wns Spec Coll SENC-Sound 4 w, wn NXWS
wnv Spec Coll SENC-Video 4 w, wn NXWS
wo=UNCW CMS Obsolete        
wocmi Obsolete UNCW CMS General Collection 0 w, wo NXWW
wocmv Obsolete UNCW CMS Reserves 0 w, wo NXWW
wpbnd Bound Periodicals 3 w, wp  
wpbos Oversize Bound Periodical  3 w, wp  
wpcuo Oversize Current Periodicals 3 w, wp  
wpcur Periodicals 3 w, wp  
wpdo Full Text Online 3 w, wp  
wprec Current Magazines and Newspapers 3 w, wp  
wrb  Audiobooks 5 w, wr NXWP
wri Obsolete UNCW Rec. Reading 1 w, wr NXWP
wro Obsolete UNCW Rec. Reading Oversize 1 w, wr NXWP
ws=Special Collections        
wsa  Special Collections-Art 4 w, ws NXWS
wsb Special Collections-Books 4 w, ws NXWS
wsf Special Collections-Reference 4 w, ws NXWS
wshmb Special Collections-History of Medicine 4 w, ws NXWS
wshsb Special Collections-History of Science 4 w, ws NXWS
wshps Special Collections-History of Pseudo Science 4 w, ws NXWS
wsj Special Collections-Juvenile 4 w, ws NXWS
wsl Special Collections-Local Authors 4 w, ws NXWS
wsm Special Collections-Maps 4 w, ws NXWS
wsmn Special Collections-Miniature 4 w, ws NXWS
wsms Special Collections-Manuscript 4 w, ws NXWS
wso Special Collections-Oversize 4 w, ws NXWS
wsp Special Collections-Periodical 4 w, ws NXWS
wsph Special Collections-Photograph 4 w, ws NXWS
wsrb Special Collections-Rare Books 4 w, ws NXWS
wsrl Special Collections-Realia 4 w, ws NXWS
wss Special Collections-Sound 4 w, ws NXWS
wssj Special Collections-Jazz 78s 4 w, ws NXWS
wsv Special Collections-Video 4 w, ws NXWS
wt=[Library Tech Services Dept]        
wt  Library Tech Services Dept 0 w, wg NXWW
wu=University Archives        
wui  University Archives 4 w, wu NXWW
wuar University Archives-Artifacts 4 w, wu NXWW
wub University Archives-Books and Serials 4 w, wu NXWW
wut University Archives-CDs 4 w, wu NXWW
wua University Archives-Flat/Oversize 4 w, wu NXWW
wufs University Archives-FSC 4 w, wu NXWW
wuh University Archives-Honors 4 w, wu NXWW
wufso University Archives-Manuscripts 4 w, wu NXWW
wum University Archives-Microforms 4 w, wu NXWW
wui University Archives-Office 4 w, wu NXWW
wus University Archives-Sound Recording 4 w, wu NXWW
wug University Archives-Theses and Dissertations 4 w, wu NXWW
wurp University Archives-Theses/Diss MOWC 4 w, wu NXWW
wuv University Archives-Video Recording 4 w, wu NXWW
wv=Course Reserves        
wve Obsolete UNCW Electronic Reserves   w, wv  
wvi Course Reserves variable w, wv  
wvp Course Reserves-Permanent variable    
wvpc Obsolete UNCW Faculty Personal Copy variable w, wv  
Other locations        
wxf Library Displays - First Floor      
wxs Library Displays - Second Floor      
wzi  UNCW Circulation Desk   w, wz  

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