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  • Make sure the Status of the item is "Available." If the status is something other than available, learn what that status means and what actions you can take.
  • Write down (or text yourself) the Location and the Call # for your item. You might think of the "Location" as the "Neighborhood" the item resides in and the "Call Number" as the "Address" of the item.
    a screenshot of a catalog record with arrows pointing to the location and call number fields
  • View our Library Floor Maps for a general idea of library locations and call # arrangement.

Finding Books by Call Number

Watch this video to learn how to find books by the call #

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Use the Library of Congress Classification (LC) guide to find the call number range that corresponds to your subject area.

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ILL iconNeed a book or journal article that we don't have in Randall Library? Request it through Interlibrary Loan. Just provide the citation and we'll find it for you.

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