Beginning Undergraduate Information Literacy DevelopmentWilliam Madison Randall Library
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Learn Information Literacy skills in six easy, interesting modules:

  1. Module 1 Test Information Cycle How does a simple question or a single event in history become the focus of research and scholarly analysis?
  2. Module 2 Investigating Preliminary investigation of the assignment, the topic, and the research question will save you time and effort.
  3. Module 3 Searching Information is everywhere. Learn how to select the best sources for your particular information needs.
  4. Module 4 Locating Learn how to find books, download articles or obtain other information you need from Randall Library and beyond.
  5. Module 5 Evaluating Don't get caught with the wrong information! Remember CAARP - Currency, Authority, Accuracy, Relevance, and Purpose.
  6. Module 6 Utilizing Give credit where credit's due. Apply appropriate ethical guidelines to the use of information.
For students completing BUILD as a requirement for a course such as First Year Seminar.

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