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Have you ever felt that the research process is like being on a bridge to nowhere? And without GPS? You aren't sure you are on the right path, where you are going, or what will help you get there? You are not alone. Nearly everyone gets frustrated with the overwhelming amount of information that is available, and feels lost on the journey. But don't worry! In less than one hour, you can learn how to think strategically about information discovery and become an expert engineer in building a bridge between a research topic and polished research paper!

BUILD (Beginning Undergraduate Information Literacy Development) consists of 6 modules designed to help you learn important information literacy skills. Think of information literacy skills as part of the necessary foundation for success at UNCW and beyond. Each module in BUILD helps you achieve a piece of that foundation.

Use the navigation arrows at the bottom right to move through each module. Interactive practice exercises and a quiz at the end of each module help you test your understanding of the concepts. You can review any trouble spots or ask for help by clicking on the "Ask a Librarian" link at the top of each content page.

A final, cumulative quiz on BUILD and the Randall Library Virtual Tour is available here: for students completing BUILD as a requirement for a course such as First Year Seminar.