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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
CF1973.006.0048 Painting        
CF1973.006.0049 Painting        
CF1973.006.0050 Painting        
CF1973.006.0051 Painting        
CF1973.006.0052 Painting        
CF1973.006.0053 Painting        
CF1973.006.0054 Painting        
CF1973.006.0055 Painting        
CF1973.006.0056 Painting        
CF1973.006.0057 Painting        
CF1973.006.0058 Painting        
CF1973.006.0059 Painting        
CF1973.006.0060 Painting        
CF1973.006.0061 Painting        
CF1973.006.0062 Painting        
CF1973.006.0063 Painting        
CF1973.006.0064 Painting        
CF1973.006.0065 Painting        
CF1973.006.0066 Painting        
CF1973.006.0067 Painting        
CF1973.006.0068 Painting        
CF1973.006.0071 Painting        
CF1973.006.0072 Painting        
CF1973.006.0073 Painting        
CF1973.006.0074 Painting        

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