James Pfleger
enlisted in the US Army in 1942, but remained in inactive service until the end his first year of college.  He completed infantry training in August of 1944 and was deployed to the European Theater. Pfleger was assigned to the 3rd Army, 90th Infantry Division, 357th Regiment, Company 1. He served on the front lines in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

   In December of 1944, Pfleger led a rescue party into the German Siegfreid line.  For his conduct on this mission he received a Distinguished Service Cross for heroism. Pfleger was wounded in action in February of 1945, and spent ten months in an English Hospital. He was discharged one week before Christmas 1945.
Transcript Number 023
Title: James Pfleger: Remembering World War II
Interviewee: James Pfleger
Interviewer: Andrew Dutka
Date of Interview: February 12, 1999
Location of Interview: Wilmington, N.C.
Description: 1 VHS Cassette Tape (c. 42 min.): sd., col.
Documentation: 1 Typed Transcript
Series: World War II Veterans Oral History Preservation Project
Series: Voices of Experience