James B. Metsch joined the US Army in 1942 and entered boot camp at Fort Monouth, New Jersey. His primary duty was as a Radio operator and technician. He was stationed at Fort DuPont, Maryland with the 94th Signal Battalion, first Signal Company of the US Army. Metsch participated in military campaigns at Omaha Beach, Arlon, Belgium, and the Palace of Versailles. He was also present at the battle of Remagen Bridge.

Transcript Number 105
Title: James B. Metsch: Remembering World War II
Interviewee: James B. Metsch
Interviewer: Paul Zarbock
Date of Interview: March 8, 2002
Location of Interview: Whiteville, NC
Description: 1 Mini-DV Cassette Tape; sd., col.+ 1 VHS Cassette Tape
Documentation: 1 Typed Transcript
Series: World War II Veterans Oral History Preservation Project
Series: Voices of Experience