Arval Woody was drafted into the army in January 8, 1943. He completed his basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Because of his training with tools he was made corporal within the first two weeks of boot camp. From there he was sent to San Antonio, Texas to ordinance school. Woody served primarily in England and was scheduled to ship to the Pacific theater when the A-bomb was dropped ending the War. He was discharged in 1945.

Transcript Number 403
Title: Arval Woody: Remembering World War II
Interviewee: Arval Woody
Interviewer: Paul Zarbock
Date of Interview: 11/5/2003
Location of Interview: Spruce Pine, N.C.
Description: 1 Mini-DV Cassette Tape; sd., col.+ 1 VHS Cassette Tape
Documentation: 1 Typed Transcript
Series: World War II Veterans Oral History Preservation Project
Series: Voices of Experience