J. H. Mann was drafted into the U.S. Armed Forces in July of 1941. He completed his basic training at Fort Bragg. He entered signal corps officer candidate school in December of 1942 and, after graduation, was commissioned a second lieutenant in the signal corps, after which he worked in the War Department signal center in the Pentagon building. He was then stationed at Vint Hill Farm in Virginia, a cryptographic training school, after which he was sent to London to set up headquarters for the 6813 Signal Detachment. He remained in London until the end of World War II, by which time he was a first lieutenant. After the war, he was assigned to Russelheim, Germany, as an executive officer in a cryptography unit.
Transcript Number 610
Title: J. H. Mann: Remembering World War II
Interviewee: J. H. Mann
Interviewer: Paul Zarbock
Date of Interview: September 26, 2006
Location of Interview: Wilmington, NC
Description: Mini DV
Documentation: 1 Typed Transcript
Series: World War II Veterans Oral History Preservation Project
Series: Voices of Experience