Getting Materials Not Owned by Randall Library


How do I log in to my account?

To access your Randall Library catalog account so that you can see fines and due dates, what resources you have checked out, or what holds you have waiting for you, go to My Account.

For interlibrary loan requests, log in here: 


How long can I check out an ILL?

The due dates for interlibrary loan items are set by the lending library, and do not conform to Randall Library's checkout periods for items from our own collection. The typical lending period for an ILL item is 4-6 weeks, although some libraries will grant more or less time depending on their institution's policies. An item's due date will be printed on the paper strap attached to the item for customer reference.  


What if I damage an ILL item?

The lending library may issue a replacement invoice for any item they consider to be returned damaged. Damage can include (but is not limited to) highlighting or pen marks, coffee stains and other water damage, and torn or detached pages. 

Replacement invoices are the responsibility of the individual who borrowed the item, and charges are added to the user’s library account. Once these charges are paid, the item becomes the property of the user.


What happens when an ILL item is overdue?

Overdue interlibrary loans damage our reputation with other libraries and inhibit our ability to successfully borrow materials for all faculty, staff, and students. You will receive several warning notices before your borrowing privileges are suspended. Borrowing privileges are reinstated once an overdue item is returned unless we have received a final replacement invoice for the item from our lender. You will be notified via email when a final replacement invoice is pending.


Are there laws or guidelines that impact borrowing materials through ILL?

Library resource sharing staff abide by the statutes outlined in Title 17 of the U.S. Code, as well as the CONTU Guidelines which aid the interpretation of Sections 107 and 108 of the U.S. Copyright Act. This process may require the utilization of the Copyright Clearance Center and commercial document suppliers to obtain as much requested material as possible.


How much does ILL cost?

Interlibrary Loan is offered as a free service for eligible users because Randall Library absorbs the following costs for our campus community.

  • Borrowing fees can range from $8.00-$35.00 per request, depending on the lending institution.
  • Copyright fees can range from $25.00-$65.00 per article, depending on the publisher.
  • Shipping rates vary by courier, weight, and destination.

Can I cancel my ILL request?

Interlibrary loan requests can only be canceled between the time they are submitted and the time they are processed by ILL staff. Once a request has been sent out to potential lending libraries (in status: Submitted to Lending Libraries), it cannot be canceled by the requestor.


Can I borrow an e-book via ILL?

Due to licensing terms, e-books cannot be borrowed or lent via interlibrary loan. Any ILL request for an e-book will be processed as a request for a physical copy (unless Randall Library already owns the e-book, in which case a link to the item will be provided via e-mail).


How long does it take to get an item through ILL?

Items requested through Interlibrary Loan may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks to arrive depending on the item's type, availability, and the shipping method used by the lending library. Please plan for a waiting period of at least 4 business days for journal articles, and at least 7-14 business days for books. Certain material types are less-often lent by libraries (including newly-published popular fiction and recreational media), so requests for these items may take longer to fill than for other items.