Where can I charge my mobile device or tablet?

You can charge your iPhone, Android, iPad or other tablets at TAC, compliments of UNCW ITS:

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How do I reserve Room 1045 (TECS)?

  1. Go to Group Study Room reservation calendar.
  2. Click on the date that you need (from the drop-down list that reads "view a different day").
  3. Click on the “1045” tab.
  4. Click on the time slot that you want to reserve.
  5. Fill out the form that follows. You can expect a reminder e-mail within 24 hours of your scheduled reservation.
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Where can I send and receive a fax?

A fax can be sent and received at the iPrint Business center on the first floor of Randall Library, or at the Seahawk Mail post office in Fisher University Union.

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Where can I watch a movie in the library?

Students, staff, and faculty may check out our media viewing cart at the circulation desk for use in the library. The cart is equipped with the following:

  • Region free BluRay player
  • Standard BluRay player
  • DVD/VHS combination player
  • Headphones

Where are study places in the library that are quiet?

The second floor of Randall Library has been designated a Quiet Zone. The library's Noise and Cell Phone policy and Patron Behavior are enforced in the Quiet Zone. Patrons in this space are asked to keep noise to a minimum or relocate to a group study room or the library's first floor.

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How do I reserve group study rooms?

  • To reserve a room, visit our Group Study Rooms reservation calendar. Click on the desired time/day in the calendar. You will be asked to login.
  • Group Study Rooms are available for groups of two or more on the first and second floors of the library.  See the first floor map and second floor map for locations.

Do you have maps of the library?

Yes, visit this page for library maps and help locating specific areas in the library.


Where are journals in Randall Library?

Bound Periodicals are located on the first floor. See the map.

Current Periodicals are located on the first floor, next to Bound Periodicals. See the map.

Current Magazines and Newspapers are on the first floor, near Port City Java. See the first floor map (PDF).


Can my group set up a table?

Yes. Randall Library hosts two solicitation tables on our first floor and Campus Life hosts two solicitation tables in front of our buidling. These tables can be reserved using the UNCW Campus Reservation System (EMS).

Read more about the solicitation table policy.


Where do I pick up books and media course reserve items?

  • Books, DVDs and other physical items on course reserves are kept behind the Circulation Desk. Just bring the call number and your UNCW OneCard to the desk and ask for the item.
  • Be sure to return the course reserves item(s) to the Circulation Desk when finished.