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Acknowledgements – From Professor Paul Zarbock

For the past five years, interviews of military chaplains have been collected. When asked “Why?” I always responded by saying I wanted to hear chaplain stories. The difference between collecting facts and stories is found in “The Queen died and so did the King”. In story form, “The Queen died and the King died of a broken heart.”

In his 1949 book, The Hero With A Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell argues that there are no new stories, only old ones retold. The “blueprint” since mankind’s earliest days has been the “Hero’s Journey.” This journey has three main points: Departure, Initiation and Return. The hero hears the call, initially resists, but then departs into a new world. During Initiation, stiff challenges are faced and – frequently with the help of older mentors – a divine gift is received. He then Returns, master of two worlds and determined to help each.

These many interviews all recall the blueprint in The Hero’s Journey. These data could not have been collected without the help of many quality people. This roster of helpers who directly made arrangements or recruited interviewees includes, but is not limited to, Rear Admiral David White, Rear Admiral Neil Stevenson, Retired Commandant of the Marines, General P.X. Kelley, Navy Captain Eli Takesian, Navy Captain James Apple, Navy Captain Tierian Cash, Army Colonel Bill Lord, Army Colonel John Brinsfield and First Lieutenant Craig W. Thomas, USMC.

No effort of this magnitude would have been possible without the ongoing support and administrative guidance of Mr. Sherman Hayes, University Librarian, UNC Wilmington, his associate Beth Roberts who always managed somehow “to get it done.” And to an anonymous donor who provided generous financial support at a critical moment.

-- Paul G Zarbock, Principal Interviewer and Project Manager
  July 2008
  UNC Wilmington’s Randall Library

Project participants:

Principle Investigators

Paul Zarbock, Project Creator and Principal Interviewer, Randall Library
Sherman Hayes, Former University Librarian, Randall Library
Beth Roberts, Administrative Coordinator, Randall Library

Technology Assistance

Dan Pfohl, Associate University Librarian for Computing Services, Randall Library
Laura Wiegand, Systems Librarian, Randall Library
Jan Costley, Library Technician, Randall Library
Debbie Edwards, Library Technician, Randall Library
George King, Scanning Specialist, Randall Library
Caitland McKinstry, Editing Specialist, Randall Library
Chris Malpass, Graduate Assistant – Special Collections, Randall Library
Jerry Parnell, Coordinator of Special Collections, Librarian, Randall Library
John Osinski, Public Services Librarian, Randall Library

Administrative Assistance

Metta King, Business Manager, Randall Library
Jennifer Corder, Executive Assistant, Randall Library
Marc Maus, Grants Officer, UNCW

Bibliography and Links Creation

Marshall (Bren) Woodard, Research Assistant, Randall Library

Contract Web Design

Maven Communications – Amy Hooker, Wilmington, NC

Interviewee Population

When we started this project five years ago, our goal was to interview a sample of military chaplains that had retired in the North and South Carolina region. Over time, this effort included many active duty Chaplains. While we do have many interviews from each of the three branches that have military chaplains in the United States, the majority of interviews documented on this site are Navy and Army Chaplains. This is a function of conveniently located Marine and Army Bases to Wilmington and a corresponding logical large number of retirees. In addition, the Army and Navy have had interview programs for Chaplains, and we have digitized or linked to more than thirty interviews done by others.