Digital Exhibits

Welcome to Randall Library's Digital Exhibits

Please explore our digital exhibitions. These digital exhibits represent projects within Randall Library, as well as showcase student work, and campus and community collaborations. These types of projects utilize innovative tools and technologies to enhance the user experience with the material such as interactive timelines, visual mapping, and data visualizations.

The Cape Fear Surfing Archive

logo for the cape fear surfing archiveThe Cape Fear Surfing Archive was created in 2002 and is a subset of Special Collections at UNCW’s Randall Library. The archive’s collections focus primarily on preserving the heritage of surfing along North Carolina’s southeastern coast.

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Diary of Nicholas W. Schenck

a mapWritten around 1905, the diary recalls Wilmington before and after the civil war. It features several hand-drawn maps.

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Historical Preservation in 3D: Documenting the Past with Emerging Technologies

a 3D rendering of Randall LibraryRandall Library seeks to develop the technical expertise and infrastructure necessary to document and provide virtual access to historical sites and structures using cutting-edge 3D scanning and virtual reality technologies.

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The History Hub

History Hub LogoThe History Hub is a digital initiative of the History Department at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), supported in part by UNCW's Randall Library. The History Hub is a place for history faculty and students to create, organize, showcase and maintain open access to digital content that reflects UNCW's commitment to student engagement, creative inquiry, critical thinking, thoughtful expression, and responsible citizenship. Content may include but is not limited to digital exhibits of artifacts in context, geomapping, oral histories, and interactive timelines.

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Montford Point Marines

african american soliders in uniformIn this exhibit, you'll find artifacts, photographs and interview transcripts from over sixty interviews conducted with Montford Point veterans. In reading the transcripts, viewing the photos and observing the artifacts, we hope you'll get a sense of the importance of the role that these men played in both Marine Corps and American history.

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Remembering 9/11

the cover image of Remembering 9/11A collaboration between The Office of Military Affairs and Randall Library, we invite you to take a moment to read, reflect, and interact with this exhibit as we honor and remember the lives lost on this day. These reflections were written by UNCW students immediately after the events of 9/11. A year later, the notebook was brought out for students to reflect on the past year. Interact by commenting, liking, or sharing the link with other UNCW students and staff.

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Visual Art Community of Wilmington & Southeastern NC

a person throwing a pot on a pottery wheelThis exhibit celebrates the visual art history of Southeastern North Carolina and makes art more accessible to all. You will find hundreds of images of recent and more historic visual art pieces on this site now held at the University of North Carolina Wilmington's Randall Library, Department of Art & Art History, Watson School of Education, and the Jacksonville-Onslow Council for the Arts, the Cameron Art Museum and even public art in the community

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Women Who Changed the World

an illustrated portrait of Harriet TubmanThis vibrant and colorful exhibit was curated to commemorate and celebrate the remarkable contributions of women, past and present, who have shaped our world.

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World War II: Through the Eyes of the Cape Fear

image showing photographs and a uniformThis is a joint project between the University of North Carolina Wilmington's William M. Randall Library and the Cape Fear Museum. The website's creation was funded by the North Carolina ECHO grant, awarded by the State Library of North Carolina.

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The 1898 Foundation: Moving Forward Together

yellow statuesArchived website of the 1898 Foundation, formed to commemorate the events of 1898 in its centennial year, and make their significance known, with the overall goal of improving racial relations in the community.

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Student Exhibits

These digital exhibits showcase student work through collaborations in the classroom.

Ghost Maps: Visualizing Disease Narratives

ghost maps iconGhost Maps: Visualizing Disease Narratives was a course offered in the fall 2021 semester that blended ENG 313: Writing About Science, Medicine, and the Environment and ENG 390: Studies in Literature.

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