Staff Directory

Department Contact for User Services

Name Job Title Email Address Phone Office Location
Laura Wiegand McBrayer Senior Associate Director, Library Information Technology and Scholarly Research/Librarian (910) 962-4232 RL 2037

Department Staff

Name Title Email Phone Office Location
Dawn Brown Access Operations Coordinator (910) 962-3690 RL1005
Janet Costley Circulation Technician (910) 962-2063 RL1004
John Crawford Digital and Visual Media Coordinator (910) 962-2078 RL1010A
Suzanne Dickson Circulation Technician (910) 962-7177 RL1004
Norma Flax Circulation Technician (910) 962-7473 RL1003
Mark Franklin Circulation Technician (910) 962-7692 RL1003
Samantha Lashley Circulation Technician (910) 962-2134 RL1003
Jared Longley Facilities Maintenance Technician (910) 962-7474 RL1023Q
Christopher Rhodes Building Operations Manager (910) 962-7474 RL1023Q
Sheila Sandin Circulation Technician (910) 962-7391 RL1003