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The Statesman's Yearbook includes reliable information on all 194 countries in the world plus states and dependencies, covering key historical events, population. It contains the full text of the current print edition and additional content, which includes:

• Fact Sheets on topics including World Population Development and Largest Urban Agglomerations, News Media, Crime and Health
• Economic Overviews for every country in the world
• Access to PDFs of the complete archive from 1864, all 150 past editions of The Statesman's Yearbook

Enhanced navigation includes:

• comparison tool which makes it easy to view a wide range of data fields across all the countries of the world in one place
• improved interface with new homepage
• dynamic searching of countries
• offers excellent search and browse facilities, both full text and advanced, which makes it easier to explore the Yearbook
• quick search on every page
• allows remote access to members of subscribing institutions
• citation listed on every page
• features carefully selected and maintained links to related sites, sources of further information and bibliographical citations

Coverage Dates: 
1864 - present
Palgrave Macmillan