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Library Facts and Planning

The Library Facts and Planning pages provide the University community with information about our resources and their stewardship. Here you’ll find

We hope that consolidation of data, information and links to one location will facilitate your learning more about Randall Library.

Much of the information presented on these pages, regardless of format, will evolve over time.  We commit to maintaining these pages with up-to-date information.

Please direct questions about Library facts and planning to watsteins [at] uncw [dot] edu (Sarah Barbara Watstein), University Librarian.

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Library Statistics Dashboard

Below is a snapshot from our Library Statistics Dashboard.  Visit our Dashboard page to view a graphic representation of the Library's impact on the University.

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Our information literacy instruction sessions can reach over 3000 students in our busiest month.
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We have 20,000-100,000 visitors through our front door per month, and 30,000-60,000 visits to our website per month.