About noise in the Library

  • We frequently get complaints about noise in the library. Sometimes they relate to the coffee bar, or to staff providing service at the desks, but most often they relate to library users being noisy in the study areas. We try to provide appropriate environments for a variety of types of learning, including dialog or group study as well as individual reading and contemplation. We have designated the second floor of the library as a noise free zone. 
  • Cell phones are especially annoying to many people. We don't forbid their use, but ask that you turn the volume on vibrate and use the phone only in areas that are designated for some noise. Please see our Noise and Cell Phone Policy
  • What can you do if there is noise in a "noise-free" zone? You can ask the person to be quiet. If you are not comfortable with that, or they don't respond favorably to your request, please tell a staff member and we will go "shush" them.