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FAQs for Printing

You can go to the iPrint Business Center in the back of Randall (near TAC) where you can pay with cash or Seahawk Bucks to print or copy. Color prints are $.25, and b&w prints are $.06.
Remember, print jobs remain in the iPrint queue for 24 hours. You can pick up job from any iPrint on campus once you have retrieved your UNCW ID card.
You can also: 
  • Save your work to your UNCW OneDrive account.
  • Students, Faculty and Staff can check-out flash drives at TAC to save their work for later printing.
  • Email yourself the documents for later retrieval.
  • Yes it does offer printing for visitors. At Randall library a bank of computers and a guest iPrint printer has been dedicated for use for UNCW visitors and guests. The cost is .10 cents per printed page for black & white prints and .25 cents per printed page for color. In order to print as a visitor please follow the steps below. 
  1. Step 1: Purchase a guest card.
    Guests must purchase a "guest card." You can purchase this from the iPrint card dispenser on the first floor of the Randall Library. Patrons will need to insert a total of $2 which covers the cost of the iPrint Guest Card ($1) and preloaded guest print funds ($1). The card dispenser only accepts $1 and gives no change.
  2. Step 2: Preview print.
    Before sending a print request, use the "Print Preview" option under the "File" pulldown menu to assure that you print only the pages you desire.
  3. Step 3: Send to printer.
    Send your document to the iPrint printer/queue by selecting the "Print" icon or choosing the iPrint printer from the File > Print drop-down menu.
  4. Step 4: Enter username.
    Enter your username, which is the ID number on your guest card.
  5. Step 5: Name your print job.
    Enter a name for your job in the space provided so that you can locate it when you go to the release station to release your print job.
  6. Step 6: Print or cancel.
    After entering your information, press "Print" and your job will be available for 24 hours. After the 24-hour period, your print file will be deleted.
  7. Step 7: Go to the designated iPrint release station.
    Go to the designated GUEST release station in Randall Library to release your job.
  8. Step 8: (At the release station) Login and swipe your guest card.
    Login to the iPrint program with your guest card number. Leave "password" blank. Swipe your guest card through the card reader.
  9. Step 9: Release your print job.
    Select your print job from the list and then press the blue Start button.
    *Please Note: You also have the option of deleting the job. Select the job(s) and press the "Delete" icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • Visitors may also use the iPrint Business Center, located at the back of the library next to the Digital Makerspace, to print.
  • Please email yourself print jobs or save them to a USB memory stick. 

To print a document from Canvas, you must save the document to the desktop, open the file, and print it from there.

We recommend using My Print Center, an online portal where you can easily login, send your document to the print queue, and then pick it up at a UNCW iPrint station. There are only a few file types that cannot be loaded to My Print Center. In this case you will need to install the iPrint drivers.  To download the drivers and for more information please visit iPrint Services "How to iPrint" webpage.

You can print from any computer in the library through the campus iPrint system and pick up your print job from any iPrint printer on campus. For detailed instructions, please visit iPrint Services "How to iPrint" webpage.

You can add money to your Seahawk Buck$ account on your OneCard online at During business hours, Auxiliary Services can also accept money to be added to your account.


Printing for students:

Black and white, double-sided: $.06 per page

Black and white, single-sided: $.08 per page

Color: $.25 per page

Printing for visitors:

Black and white: $.10 per page

Color: $.25 per page


  • Color printing is available from all iPrint stations. You may choose to print in color from any of the library’s computers.
  • When sending the print job, select the COLOR print driver (the default is the B&W driver).
  • When using My Print Center, in the “print options” section, select the option for “color.”
  • Pick up your print job.
  • Color copies cost $.25 per side for Students, Staff & Faculty.
  • Visitors or guests: find out more about printing services.


  • Randall Library has a total of 14 iPrint stations. 
  • On the first floor there are 12 iPrint stations, including 1 next to Port City Java Coffee Bar (all identified with an iPrint banner).
  • There are 2 copiers which can be used with iPrint; these can be found in the Learning Commons.
  • There is also a visitor iPrint station located near the visitor computers.
  • On the second floor, you can find an iPrint station located against the wall of the main restrooms.
  • Please see the Randall Library floor maps for iPrint locations.
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FAQs for Copying

You can add money to your Seahawk Buck$ account on your OneCard online at During business hours, Auxiliary Services can also accept money to be added to your account.


Copying charges are $.15 per page at the coin copier. UNCW students can use their iPrint money to make copies for $.08 per page.

  • You can make color photocopies using the iPrint copiers on the first floor of the library. Two copiers are located in the Learning Commons.
  • These copiers require a UNCW One Card, but visitors can make color copies using the visitor copier/printer with their visitor or guest printing card.
  • Copying charges for a color photocopy is .40 per page for UNCW One Card users and .50 per page for visitors.
  • You may deposit money to your card at the library at the Value Transfer Station. UNCW patrons can also add money to their UNCW One Card online:
  • Color copying is available at the iPrint Business Center, in the back of Randall (near TAC), for .24 per page.
  • Photocopiers are located on the first floor of the library in the Learning Commons.
  • There is one coin operated copier located in the Learning Commons ($0.15 a copy).
  • All other copiers require a UNCW One Card. They can be found in the Learning Commons.
  • Copying charges are $.15 per page (coin copier) and $.08 when the UNCW One Card is used.
  • UNCW patrons can add money to their UNCW One Card online and can use iPrint money for photocopying.
  • One Minolta Microform copier ($.10 a copy) and Two Digital Microform Machines connect to iPrint are located on the second floor near Government Documents.
  • High-volume copying (as opposed to smaller printing needs) may also be done the iPrint Business Center, located in the back of Randall (near TAC), for B&W 1-2 pages $.27 per side, 3+ pages $.10 per side; Color $.45 per side.

FAQs for Scanning

There are 4 scanners in the Learning Commons, and additional scanners by the TAC, freely available for student, faculty, and staff use. These scanners are each connected to computers allowing you to save, print and edit your scans.

There is also a “quick scan” computer station located by the bank of iPrint printers on the first floor.