Where can I make color copies?

  • You can make color photocopies using the iPrint copiers on the first floor of the library. Two copiers are located in the Learning Commons.
  • These copiers require a UNCW One Card, but visitors can make color copies using the visitor copier/printer with their visitor or guest printing card.
  • Copying charges for a color photocopy is $.40 per page for UNCW One Card users and $.50 per page for visitors.
  • You may deposit money to your card at the library at the Value Transfer Station. UNCW patrons can also add money to their UNCW One Card online: https://uncwonecard-sp.blackboard.com/eAccounts/AnonymousHome.aspx
  • Color copying is available at the iPrint Business Center, in the back of Randall (near TAC), for $.24 per page.