Randall Library Open Education Mini-grant Application


All UNCW faculty members teaching undergraduate or graduate classes during the 2021-2022 academic year are eligible to apply. On-campus or distance education courses are eligible for consideration. Extra weight may be given to

  • courses with 50 students or more
  • applications that provide a greater cost savings to students
  • creation of new materials

The $1000 stipend goes toward helping faculty with implementation of new materials and updating syllabi. The revised courses should be taught during the 2022-2023 school year. Applications from teams of two or more are acceptable.

Proposals will be accepted until March 15.  A committee comprised of university faculty and librarians will review applications and contact awardees by the end of April.

Applicant Information
Course Information
Narrative Information
Please provide a narrative of 500 words or less describing your proposed alternative to a commercial textbook or other course materials. Please include: Why are you interested in implementing open educational resources? What are your goals/outcomes regarding this initiative? Briefly describe your plan for identifying resources and how students will access the content. What materials are you considering as alternatives to your existing textbook? What library or other support will you be considering (e.g. library material and librarians for assistance with fair use/copyright)? What challenges do you anticipate encountering? How do you plan to assess the effectiveness of this initiative?
Please keep it to 500 words or less.
Other Questions
The librarian can provide advice and guidance to your students as they work on research papers and projects by creating & participating in discussion boards, holding scheduled office hours via Zoom, answering research questions sent from within the class’s LMS system, or helping to grade & provide formative feedback on student assignments.
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