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Please note that no face-to-face library session will be offered for UNI 201 in academic year 2020-21, and so you do not have to submit this form.  Instead, additional content has been added to the outside of class work (library canvas modules). 

Learn more, including optional supplemental activities now being offered. 

Questions? Contact Eva Sclippa, First Year Engagement Librarian at sclippae [at] uncw.edu, or, Tammy Ivins, Coordinator of Instructional Services Librarian at ivinst [at] uncw.edu.

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Please schedule your Transfer Seminar Library Session by filling out this form.

1.    You should receive an email confirming your session within 3 days (72 hours) of your request.
2.    Plan to attend the library session.  Students take these sessions more seriously if their instructor is present.  Furthermore, the session relies heavily on group work – your participation in facilitating group activities is appreciated.
3.    If you have any comments or concerns, please include them in the “Is there anything else…” field below, or contact Eva Sclippa, First Year Engagement Librarian.
4.    For 50-minute classes, the library portion of UNI 201 library will require two class sessions.

Resources for Transfer Seminar are available for both students and instructors.