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Where in the library are the Government Documents located?
The Government Documents are located on the second floor.  Some documents have been added to the Reference, General, Index or Special Collections. Make sure to make note of the “Location” in the catalog record.
Can I check out Government Documents?
Government Documents can be checked out just like other resources. See the Library FAQs Borrowing Page for more information.
Does Randall Library have all of the Federal Government Documents?
No, Randall Library currently receives approximately 65% of the materials available through the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). Davis Library at UNC-Chapel Hill is the regional depository library for North Carolina and receives all material available through the FDLP. Although Randall Library became a depository library in 1965, some federal material has been collected retrospectively through gifts and other sources.
How do I search for Government Documents?
Documents received by the library since 1990 can be located by searching the Library Catalog. You will find many documents older than 1990 in the catalog because we have been adding records for heavily used documents, but it is not a complete listing. Bibliographic descriptions and links to federal documents available on the Internet have been added to our online catalog since 1998.
To locate documents acquired by Randall Library before 1990 the first step is to identify the SuDoc number of the document you are looking for. To find documents this way, use WorldCat or the Catalog of US Government Publications. If you can identify the SuDoc number for any given document, you can then look in the documents collection on the shelf (or in the microfiche drawers) at that location to see if the document exists in our collection. The documents staff also maintains a shelf list of documents acquired by Randall Library through the FDLP since 1965. The documents with card entries in the shelf list have not been added to the database but the presence of a card does indicate that the library has received the document.
What is a SuDoc number?
SuDoc numbers are call numbers for Government Documents. This is a call number assigned to each document distributed through the FDLP. They tend to be universal, meaning that all libraries having a particular document will most likely shelve the document under the same SuDoc number. An important fact to remember when working with the SuDoc Classification Scheme is that it is department and agency driven and not subject driven like the Library of Congress Classification Scheme. Every time a new president takes office, sweeping legislation is passed in Congress, or a national crisis happens (such as 9/11), there is potential for an extensive rearrangement of departments, agencies and bureaus throughout all branches (particularly the Executive Branch) of the federal government. These changes usually result in changes to the SuDoc Classification Scheme.
Do you have a Collection Development Policy?

 Yes, you can view the collection development policy at the link below:

Collection Development Policy