Animals in American History

This course guide contains resources that can help you in your research process for this class. In the center column are animal history-specific resources, organized loosely by theme. On the left side are historical magazines and newspapers, as well as general online collections that may be helpful but are not specific to animal history. On the right are links to other guides that might have some helpful material. Please feel free to contact Stephanie, the history librarian, with any questions (contact information is on the right side of this page).

Semester and Year: 
Spring 2020
Course number: 
HST 456/533
Laursen, Christopher
Wildlife in North Carolina Magazine

Official educational publication of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

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Life Magazine Archive

Presents an extensive collection of the famed photojournalism magazine, spanning from its very first issue in November, 1936 through December, 2000 in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. Published by Time Inc., the magazine has featured story-telling through documentary photographs and informative captions. Each issue visually and powerfully depicted national and international events and topical stories, providing intimate views of real people and their real life situations.

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Time Magazine Archive

The Time Magazine Archive presents an extensive collection of the prominent weekly news magazine dating back to its first issue in March 1923 through December 2000, presented in a comprehensive cover-to-cover format. Published weekly by Time Inc., the magazine has focused on conveying to a broad audience both domestic and international news and analysis on a spectrum of subjects. Intended to be read in under an hour, each issue of Time contains reports of national and international current events, politics, sports, and entertainment.

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The Nation Archive

The Nation is an important clearinghouse of primary source material in America and around the world. The archive includes perspectives on news, politics, and culture from writers, artists, novelists, and playwrights. The Nation Archive is a fully searchable electronic version of the magazine's complete backfile, dating back to the magazine's first issue from July 6, 1865. 

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National Review Archive

Searchable database for National Review articles from 1955 to present. The National Review is an American conservative editorial magazine, providing news and commentary pieces on political, social, and cultural affairs.

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General Online Collections

ARTstor Digital Library

The ARTstor Digital Library is a nonprofit resource that provides over 2.5+ million digital images in the arts, art history, architecture, anthropology, history, humanities, foreign languages and literatures, religion, and sciences with an accessible suite of software tools for teaching and research.

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Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)

Provides access to millions of images, photographs, manuscripts, books, sounds, and more from libraries, archives, and museums across the U.S.

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Library of Congress - Digital Collections

Digitized, freely available primary sources from the Library of Congress. (Collection formerly known as the American Memory Project)

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New York Public Library Digital Collections

Resource provides digitized collections from The New York Public Library. Includes photography collections, early American manuscripts, fashion collections, and nature collections. The website also provides maps and atlases, as well as collections about New York City.

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Smithsonian Libraries Digital Collections

Over 35,000 books, manuscripts, photos, ephemera, and seed catalogs from the Smithsonian Institution.

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Digital NC

Resource providing original materials across North Carolina of cultural significance or study, such as images, newspapers, memorabilia, yearbooks, etc.

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Animal History Research Guides and Online Collections

Animal Studies Bibliography - Michigan State University

Comprehensive bibliography of works on animal studies across disciplines. Updated continually. Does not provide links to cited resources, just citations.

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Picturing Animals in National Geographic

A tool for researchers interested in animal conservation and exploring the relationship humans have with other animals as photographed and narrated over the 20th century by National Geographic magazine.

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Government Agencies

US Fish & Wildlife Service National Conservation Training Center

The National Conservation Training Center Museum and Archives houses films, photos, and documents chronicling the heritage of wildlife conservation. 

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US Fish & Wildlife Service National Digital Library

Images, videos, documents, audio recordings, and maps generated by the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

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National Archives - Records of the US Fish & Wildlife Service

Table of Contents for US Fish and Wildlife Service Records from 1868 to 1995. Does not include records themselves.

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National Wildlife Research Center Digital Collections

The National Wildlife Research Center's digital collections provide access to content from NWRC's library and archives, including both images and publications.

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Fisheries Heritage Digital Collections (NOAA)

Established in 1871 as an independent agency to investigate the causes for the decrease of commercial fish and aquatic animals in U.S. coastal and inland waters and to recommend remedies. Resource is an extensive collection of publications, letters of correspondence, research notes, scientific survey expedition logbooks, photographs, and published statistics related to commercial fishing.

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Animal Rights and Protection

Tom Regan Animal Rights Archive (NC State Special Collections)

Guide to animal rights/animal welfare collections in NC State's Special Collections Research Center. (Note that these collections are not digital.)

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The Animal Turn: Digitizing Animal Protection and Human-Animal Studies Collections

Digital archival materials from NC State's animal rights and welfare collections and archival records from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

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Animal Studies Repository (Humane Society)

A collection of academic, archival, and other materials related to various disciplines within the fields of animal studies and animal welfare science. Also links to Animal Sentience, an interdisciplinary academic journal and animal feeling.

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Natural Sciences and Conservation

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Open-access digital library for materials related to biodiversity literature.

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Wildlife Conservation Society Library and Archives

Collections focused on wildlife conservation, animal behavior, veterinary medicine, biodiversity, and the history of zoos and aquariums.

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John Muir Papers

Digitized collection of writings from John Muir, a naturalist, explorer, writer, and early advocate for the preservation of the wilderness. Writings and archival materials include autobiographies, correspondence, journals and notebooks, drawings, newsletters, and photographs.

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Writings of John Muir (Sierra Club)

Digitized writings by John Muir, one of the forefathers of the modern environmental movement, on the Sierra Club website.

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Natural Sciences of Drexel University Art Collection Guide

Art collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University, including images of a variety of animals. Some images are digitized and some are not.

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Non-United States Sources

Natural History Museum Library and Archives

Collection of natural history literature, artwork, and information resources from England.

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Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Historical Collections

Letters, artwork, case notes, periodicals, and pamphlets covering over 200 years of the history of veterinary science. 

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